Green’s Hill Werewolves, Vol. 2

Little Goddess
September 19, 2017
DSP Publications
Box Set
ISBN-10: 1635336848
ISBN-13: 9781635336849
Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

Green’s Hill Werewolves, Vol. 2

In the world of the Little Goddess

After a rocky start and some unexpected battles, Teague Sullivan may have found a home at Green’s Hill. With Jack and Katy by his side, he has the chance to achieve a happiness he only dreamed of during his impoverished childhood.

But much of Teague’s happiness depends upon being worthy of serving Green and Lady Cory, two leaders he’d die for and two people who gave him a chance to be a good man. Teague needs to serve them to feel worthy of love, but Jack resents anything that takes Teague away from his lovers, even his duty.

The three of them, Jack, Teague, and Katy, perform a delicate dance with an uncertain crescendo. What’s more likely to destroy them? Jack’s jealousy, Cory’s wrath, or the true enemy, the rival wolf pack with the insane leaders who are trying to take over Green’s turf? Teague Sullivan, who never thought much of himself, is suddenly the crux of everything he’s ever loved. Can he become the man and alpha wolf his people need?

For the first time in print: BECOMING originally published October 2011 in eBook by Torquere Press and BEING originally published December 2011 in eBook by Torquere Press

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