10 Interesting Things About Working Late

10–You stop needing your nap and time becomes relative.

9–Second dinner becomes a thing, but it’s eaten standing up in front of the pantry as you imagine what you were doing.

8–WHO STOLE MY GLASS OF WATER? Oh. Just empty. I’ll get it in a minute. (One Hour Later…) WHO STOLE MY GLASS OF WATER??

7– Is that blanket moving? Why is that blanket moving? OH MY GOD THAT BLANKET HAS EYES? Oh shit–Gibbs? For sweet fucks sake you scared me to death.

6–Squish, why are you awake again? To read a good story to get the taste of the sad one out of your mouth? Who authorized that? Well, shit yeah, that was me. Are we crying anymore? Okay, fine, go to bed.

5–Well, I did a blog tour, some business, and I finished the second Shitty Craft Book revision. I’m going to bed.

4– I need to do 2K on my actual book? *laughs hysterically* Maybe not.

3–Is it getting colder in here, or is it just because it’s 35 degrees outside, I’m sitting by the window, and the heater shut off two hours ago?

2–Who needs a sweater and slippers when you’ve got a couch blanket and a dog bed?

1–Well, it must be time to go to bed. I can’t feel my feet.

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