on October 30, 2018

Look at poor Guest Dog Gibbs– doesn’t she look jealous? Soooo jealous– she doesn’t have a costume either.  *sigh* Poor Gibbs– we’re going to have to buy her a costume so she doesn’t feel left out.  Chicken suggested a pirate since we have a lobster and a spider. Then she suggested a skirt–because her cat,… Read More

Putt putt putt… when you’re pretty much out of gas.

on October 29, 2018

So Friday had an unexpected climax. I spent most of the day working–trying hard to catch up with ALL THE THINGS that don’t get done when you’re on a trip. My friend Berry Jello texted and asked if we wanted to go see her daughter in a local haunted house–and of course we did. We… Read More

Honey Baby Sweetie Face

on October 26, 2018

So, it’s getting cold at night and the mornings are nippy–looks like it’s sweater time, right? Squish is getting entirely too old and sensible for Mom-wear, but ZoomBoy still treasures his sweater and the hat and mitt (yes, one, we don’t know where the other one is) that go with it. So this morning he… Read More

I’m home– and there’s a new release out!

on October 25, 2018

So, super quick–Hiding the Moon is out, and reading reviews is sort of funny. Some people are like, “Totally functions alone–but you definitely want to read all the other books first!” Some people are like, “DEFINITELY read the other books first!” I’m like, “Whatever makes you happy–but I was hoping Burton and Ernie could function… Read More

Not Quite Home

on October 23, 2018

Current Mood: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VT-SFgkVlno&feature=youtu.be Okay so more about the con—which was lovely—on tomorrow’s blog. Right now, we’re sticking to yesterday, which had it’s moments. Wake up in Virginia, 7 a.m.. Andrew and I dress and pack like PROS cause we know the routine by now. Check out, into the Mustang, and GO. McDonald’s at 9:30. Rest stop… Read More

GRL Ho! But don’t forget…

on October 17, 2018

So I’m leaving for GRL tomorrow, and that’s exciting!  I’m sort of hanging out on the quiet profile there, which is unusual for me, but I look forward to hanging out with a lot of friends I haven’t seen in a while. So WHEEEE!!! I am, as usual, SO BEHIND on my packing–but I’m also… Read More

Poor Mate

on October 16, 2018

Once again, Mate got home exhausted, just when I was ready to stay up and work. I sent him to bed, and sat down to my news feed and found something that made me laugh. And I needed to share it with my Mate. “Mate! Mate! Are you still awake?” “Mmfffine, here, whazzzouwant?” “No, I… Read More

Long Weekend

on October 15, 2018

Today was sort of awesome because we did very little. But yesterday… Yesterday was a tournament, which meant we were there all day, cheering the girls to… well, we tied once. Yay! Other than that it was all, “Well, I don’t know what happened.”  *sigh*  The girls are fine, but Mate doesn’t take it well…. Read More

That Sort of Day…

on October 12, 2018

So, it’s been that sort of day… … the sort of day in which two orders at KFC result in three sodas, neither of them the diet pepsi your friend asked for when we sat at the speaker. …the sort of day in which you realize your love/hate attachment to the Conjuring movies stems from… Read More

All Hail the Victory Poop!

on October 9, 2018

Short blog tonight! I finished String Boys–it was 122k, so not short– and I will probably submit it tomorrow, but for tonight, I just stood up and wiggled, trying to get the feeling back in my ass. Squish said, “So, are you going to take a nice victory poop?” I was like, “I’m sorry?” “Some people pop… Read More