(little squee…)

on February 28, 2010

It’s always nice when someone likes you:-)

Filking Internet…

on February 27, 2010

Oh give me blog lots of blog with my options all above…Don’t net me in.Give me blog lots of blog chatting w/people that I love…Don’t net me in.You can meet knitters all on twitter and their tweets are sort of neatAnd buy vegetables on Facebook with pictures that are sweetBut for networking my people whom… Read More

Short and Groggy

on February 25, 2010

Have I mentioned the tired thing? You know it’s funny, because on Sunday, I got up to go be a productive citizen, got out of the shower, barely got dressed, crawled back in bed and slept for two hours. When I got up from that, I curled up in chair and knit while Mate went… Read More

Because You All Asked Nicely

on February 22, 2010

Here it is–in crappy color because I couldn’t find the camera (sorry!) but the ass-kicking-nightmare in pink! (Heretofore known as ‘the Valentine Sweater). And now, here’s one with her brother in the foreground, so you can get that whole ‘drunken leprechaun’ thing going on at our house at any given time: The yarn is Paton’s… Read More

A Filk of Celebraton

on February 21, 2010

To the tune of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ (I’m not insane I’m not insane I’m not insane I’m not insane…) In the brainpan, the damaged brainpan, The dragon sleeps tonight…Oh in the brainpan, the damaged brainpan,The dragon sleeps tonight… Who-eeee…. the sequel to Promises is done… Hush my darling, and sleep my darlingThe dragon sleeps… Read More

Back, damn you, back!

on February 18, 2010

Okay– I told myself I would never again let the dragon get me by the throat the way it did with Promise Rock. I only narrowly kept that promise with Making Promises. The dragon is sneaky. The dragon gnaws away at my knitting time and builds up crap on the kitchen table. The dragon scares… Read More

Lotsa Little Things

on February 16, 2010

It was a long, slow weekend– just the way I like them. Mate and I got to go out to Dinner and a Movie–it was awesome, although Mate called a moratorium on all movie knitting. It was sort of a shame–I could have finished a hat–but then, Mate and I couldn’t have held hands during… Read More

To Chicken With Love

on February 13, 2010

Okay, one of my clear memories of childhood goes like this: My grandparents used to take their kids to Lake Shasta all the time to go water skiing and camping–one year, my mom and I went with them. My mom’s younger sisters and brother were still living at home, then, and the lot of us… Read More

Bullet points…

on February 12, 2010

* Supernatural rocked tonight. Just saying. Poor Dean…. be still my beating heart. * I took a crappy two hour nap on the chair this afternoon. The kids are getting WAY too big to sit on me when i do this. Too many elbows and knees for anybody’s comfort. * I’m almost done with the… Read More