Fiber follies

on June 30, 2008

So, are you wondering what else I’ve been doing besides writing? Well, there’s some of this… (That’s the kid sized blanket that Cave Troll decided made him a charity of one:-) A little of this… (And that would be one of the pairs of socks I’m working in–the yarn is Wool Quarters by Mountain Colors–I… Read More


on June 28, 2008

Okay–I’m at the part of Bitter Moon where I’ll be sitting at my keyboard sobbing, someone will ask me if I’m okay and I look up, dazed, and nod, angry that I’ve been pulled away from the thing that ripped my heart out. Don’t ask. I’m not giving away spoilers. But the house is falling… Read More

I’m going to limbo!!!

on June 27, 2008

And seriously–if there’s knitting there, it sounds better than heaven. For one thing, gauging from my few real sins, I think there’s sex in Limbo, and I’m pretty sure there’s chocolate! (Thanks, Donna Lee, for the quiz–you give me the best stuff to snarfle!!!) The Dante’s Inferno Test has sent you to the First Level… Read More

If you give a mouse a cookie…

on June 26, 2008

Yesterday was a day of dentist appointments. First, Big T had his first cleaning with a grown-up dentist–this is the guy who’s been my dentist from the time I was an adolescent until now, and who has treated my parents for 25 years too. When I told everybody that “this was Pete’s grandson” there was… Read More

And some more about me…

on June 25, 2008

You were all so sweet about my un-boringness–thank you! (I wasn’t fishing for compliments that time–swear!!!) One of the interviews is out, and I thought I’d post it for you–but you are under NO OBLIGATION TO READ IT. (But do give Kenda a hullo–she’s been very sweet, and she, too, is just starting out as… Read More

Blah blah blah me, blah blah me, blah blah blah…

on June 24, 2008

Me! I’d been waiting on two interview requests–one posed two months ago, and one sent about two weeks ago. Both interviews arrived yesterday. It’s funny–because e-interviews always say, “Don’t worry–take your time–it’s no big deal…” but I always feel like I’ve got a live snake in my e-mail box and I would rather wrangle that… Read More


on June 22, 2008

Every year for the last ten years, this time of year is eaten up by ‘recital’. Some years it coincides with graduation, two years it coincided EXACTLY on our anniversary. Sometimes Mate volunteers to be security, and before the second wave of kids, I was doing some sewing and piecework for the costumes. But every… Read More

And the Parade goes on….

on June 20, 2008

** I started a second scrap blanket with some Lion Brand Homespun leftovers. I was going to give it to a student, but that time came and went, and so it was a blanket without a home. The Cave Troll was sitting on my lap yesterday as I finished it (with some yarn I can’t… Read More

Meditations on a Farting Dog

on June 19, 2008

Imagine a completely destroyed suburban home, late at night. Mate is working hard on WoW in the living room, I am working hard (don’t laugh!) on Bitter Moon II, when suddenly our peace is interrupted by a series of intestinal sounds that would frighten the dog…if she wasn’t half deaf and the one emitting them…. Read More

The Parade of Weird

on June 18, 2008

First of all, a couple of pictures to show that the babies are growing just fine, and that I have yet to off Mate as part of an elaborate insurance scam. Plus, the kids are just damned cute. And speaking of Mate– Yesterday was our 19th wedding anniversary. No, I didn’t forget–I’d just done a… Read More