Blah blah blah me, blah blah me, blah blah blah…


I’d been waiting on two interview requests–one posed two months ago, and one sent about two weeks ago.

Both interviews arrived yesterday.

It’s funny–because e-interviews always say, “Don’t worry–take your time–it’s no big deal…” but I always feel like I’ve got a live snake in my e-mail box and I would rather wrangle that puppy now than surprise myself with it tomorrow, so I did them both in short order, and as a result, I was too damned bored with myself yesterday to blog.

And I’d like to apologize to you all for boring you senseless for the last two years, because I am NOT that interesting a person. Seriously. Not even a little bit. I’m the human equivalent of watching paint dry, and I’m sorry I’m even back on line again, pretending to have brain cells–we all know THAT’S a laugh and a half—except laughing would be the opposite of boring, and I’M BORING!!!

But, uhm, that’s not going to stop me from posting the links when the interviews are posted. (Well, uhm, DUH!)

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed looking at everybody’s sunny day pictures, because here in California, the weather is apocalyptic, with a chance of orange. Seriously–there are too many wildfires to keep up with, and here in the valley, the air actually has texture. I got home from the gym yesterday and told the kids not to go outside and breathe because something might get caught in their braces, and the little kids were SERIOUSLY wiped out from their 45 minutes in the pool. And speaking of wiped out? I spent an hour doing water aerobics and then 45 minutes shuttling Ladybug around the pool as a human sedan chair–I came home, where Mate was doing a major home reorg and proceeded to make my mark by sleeping all day when I wasn’t TALKING ABOUT MY BORING ASSED SELF! I. Am. Such. An. Idiot.!!!! Overdoing it your second week at the gym is SUCH a rookie move–and I always make it. Always. But the short people were wiped out too, and I’m debating whether to take them to the pool today. I mean, it is a chance for them to get out and do something, but the air here is unhealthy to breathe. I actually feel guilty for even thinking about getting into a car and doing shit–including (you guessed it!) going to the gym!!! But then, it’s not like I’m going to walk in this weather, right?

Anyway, enough about me… oh, wait…it’s a blog, isn’t it?

So I got a contact from a local store called ‘The Gilded Bat’–they asked if I wanted to bring some stock in and do a book signing. I’m tickled–and not just because the name of the store has totally charmed me–I was Mona in our high school production of ‘The Singing Bat’ and this feels like kismet. I might actually get my book signing after all! (But since I’m the world’s most boring human, there’s no telling how THAT’S gonna go!)

But I promise (well, a loose promise) pictures next post–I want to have the short people holding some more socks…that Sproing sock from Knitty is as cool to knit as the Monkey sock, and I want pictures–it would be neat to be the one starting the next sock phenom, right? And there’s another trip to the zoo in the next few days (although, if the smoke continues, we may just make it a trip to see WALL*E and call it a day. Ladybug is doing the dance of joy on the couch for every WALL*E commercial, and the whole family is reciting the tagline. We’re sheep, but we’re happy sheep who worship the idol of Pixar.)

And maybe I can catch up on YOU today. Believe me, it would totally be my pleasure!

0 thoughts on “Blah blah blah me, blah blah me, blah blah blah…”

  1. Catie says:

    I don’t think you are boring – you give me a view into a life that I don’t have, parts of which I will never have. The sky here is not sunny – it is overcast. Perhaps I will post a picture, but likely by the time I give myself a break to take one it will be sunny – just my luck.

  2. Galad says:

    Obviously you have a serious case of interviewitis and need some fiber time immediately to recover.

    Now having given that diagnosis and cure – I am off to take a dose of the same medicine.

    Have a happy day with the kids!

  3. Em says:

    The weather sounds dismal over there, and kind of scary. Is your house in any danger? If anything happens, you guys can come live here in Chez HendryBurnsWood. Especially if you bring yarn. And books. 🙂

  4. TinkingBell says:

    Had the first gym visit on Monday – was going to keep it a secret from Mate – but he caught me with the flash water bottle – so he guessed!!

    Just off to do lunch for Destructoboy and then washing and cooking (believe me – compared to my life you are exciting as an asteroid strike on the head office of Walmart!)

  5. Louiz says:

    You’re not boring!

    And take care in the fires, because we would all miss you. Because you’re not boring.

  6. roxie says:

    Actually, I love hearing how you are doing. So if you are so damn boring, how dim does that make me? Sorry, kiddo. you have the gift. Some peole could survive a pirate raid in Indonesia and make it sound boring. You go to a kids’ dance recital, and tell it in such a way that I’m trying to relate the sweet story to my husband over dinner. You can make a walk around the block sound like a delightful adventure. Go ahead and write about you,you, you. It’s why I tune in.

  7. For boring, you sure do tell it well.

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