There Will Always be Knitting

on January 18, 2022

  A couple of months ago, I started to put it together. I mean, for a while, I was puzzled. “How did I hit my finger? Why is it stiff and bruised? Wait, that’s gone, but now my thumb hurts. Well, shit. I mean, I can still knit and crochet, but opening jars is sort… Read More

Dear Uptight Woman…

on January 11, 2022

 Dear uptight white woman who yelled at me from her driveway today as I passed with my dogs– I hesitate to use the term Karen because I know and love several WONDERFUL women named Karen, and to call you “a Karen” would be giving you too much affection.  But I think everybody gets the idea…. Read More

Dog Park

on January 3, 2022

 Happy New Year! Okay–so this blogging thing–still working on it a little.  Trying to find a balance between “Blogging is draining my soul” and “What is this thing they call blogging?” (after fifteen years of blogging!) is maybe not as easy as it sounds. But our Christmas was lovely–frenetic, but lovely. Our New Years was… Read More