A Genetic Anomaly

on April 30, 2010

*g* You guys liked the plotbunny thing– that’s awesome! Thank you! Other than that? It’s mostly me, in a funk about testing, in a funk about the kids, in a funk about the end of the year and my horrible, horrible job. My children are doing okay, I think–Squish has had some issues–I think she’s… Read More

The Rise of the Plotbunnies…

on April 27, 2010

After trying to gently brace my editors at DSP for the fact that I may be working on some non-DSP projects starting in the summer, I was threatened (gently, and we shall not name who did the threatening) with the possibility of somebody feeding my plotbunnies radioactive chocolate carrots. She did not tell me that… Read More


on April 26, 2010

Don’t talk to mommy. She’s EDITING. Honestly, folks– that’s all I’ve got. I got Making Promises to edit this weekend, and “Phonebook” to sneak in the middle, and my entire weekend has been a blur of my own words. I sort of wish it was a blur of J.R. Ward’s words. I REALLY wanted to… Read More

“We are up way too late…”

on April 24, 2010

Lots of writing news today… I mean, more than I can believe. First of all– Get a load of this! Yeah– that’s Keeping Promise Rock in audiobook, and since I didn’t realize it was going to be released that way (either I’d forgotten, or I’d just never really looked close enough at anything coming my… Read More

Oh, you are not going to BELIEVE this.

on April 21, 2010

And there’s a whole lot to not believe. * My windshield wipers broke–on the freeway, coming home in a rainstorm. I have a nice divot in the glaze on my windshield to prove it. So Mate told me he fixed it, and during the next rainstorm, it came apart again, and I fixed it. During… Read More

Watch out, or I’ll go Shrek on your ass…

on April 20, 2010

Okay– my third period has currently trumped my second period as a nightmare beyond nightmares. This class can spend the entire day talking, one person at a time, one scattered remark at a time–and when I lean back to wait for them to finish, they have LITERALLY spent ten minutes ignoring the fact that their… Read More

Mom Logic

on April 17, 2010

“I do not understand my mom,Why is that, you suppose?I ask her if we can go out to eat,and she says, “I like your clothes.” My brother asked her for a car, She said, “I like your smile.”He said, “I do to, and thank you, mom,”And that’s all they said for a while. My sister… Read More

The Soul Selects Her Own Society

on April 16, 2010

Okay, I admit it. I really don’t have anything pithy to say along those lines–but I was teaching Dickinson today as sort of a reward to myself for not strangling any students so far in the year, and I had an epiphany. (No, it was not that all of Dickinson’s poetry seems to sing well… Read More

A few whapping moments!

on April 13, 2010

1. Chris sent me this link. I like it, Alot, I really really do! 2. I whapped a student on his big noggin today. He deserved it. I was standing up in front of class, and heard a conversation near my desk (where no students are supposed to be ever.) And there’s This Kid who… Read More

The Bathroom Post

on April 11, 2010

Okay… the first part of this is a bit, shall we say, scatological… if you have a problem with that, skip down, where things get a little more Freudian. I got home from grocery shopping to the following conversation: Mate: “So, Zoomboy went to the bathroom, and you know what he said?” Me: “Do NOT… Read More