on September 30, 2012

Is out tomorrow! !  Which is awesome, because the tension is killing me! Seriously– I had so much fun writing Dex!  Maybe it was because Sidecar made me flashback to my youth (and therefore feel old) and Mourning Heaven was just so emotionally raw, but Dex?  Dex made me remember being young again, and fucking… Read More

Oh I done drove five-hundred miles…

on September 28, 2012

Okay.  I drove.  It sucked.  I’m serious. I dropped Chicken off in San Diego– we arrived Monday night, and I was reminded of the sleeping habits of the young.  We got into the hotel room and I set everything down and put on my nightgown and brushed my teeth and my hair and set up… Read More

Where I’ll be for the next three days…

on September 24, 2012

When Chicken was five years old, we had a choice to put her on a bus and send her to public school or walk her across the street to a Christian private school.  The private school wasn’t great–most of their teachers were barely educated, and they thought Harry Potter taught witchcraft.  But we chose to… Read More

Long Term Planning

on September 21, 2012

I’ve got this character in Believed You Were Lucky (which is in the Three Fates Anthology ) who wakes up in the morning and sees a golden thread that often zooms from one obstacle to another in his day and gives him a clue as to which path would be luckiest to travel.  (Since Leif’s a bike… Read More

A Technological Makeover

on September 18, 2012

Just a quick post here!  I gave the blog a quick makeover, which I like (I wanted the background to be the picture to the left that I’d taken, but all my pictures were too big to upload– I have NO idea how to change that!)  I found a picture on the net, and I… Read More

A Wedding at Promise Rock

on September 16, 2012

Or, well, a wedding at my parents’ house. My mom’s best friend (and former sister-in-law) was married in my parents’ backyard on Saturday– and it was lovely.  The couple decorated rustically– and if you think that means they copped out, you weren’t there to see two strong men move the cake, which was balanced on… Read More

It was a JOKE, I SWEAR!

on September 14, 2012

Rather important things in my life that have started off as a half-assed, crackbrained, fluff-butter, icing-on-the-crazy-cupcake joke. “So, we’re living together, right?  I mean, we are going to get married, right?” “So, uhm, we’re married now.  We can have kids and nobody will think we’re irresponsible, right?” “No, I’m SERIOUS!  I had this dream that… Read More

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

on September 11, 2012

First of all I’m a gonna talk about Jeremy Bunny– well, How to Raise an Honest Rabbit, and how much I love this cover!  This was one of TEN options I got, and they were all about the bunny– this particular one had an Aiden looking so very close to the Aiden in my mind,… Read More

Sun Spots

on September 8, 2012

Okay– first of all, I looked up “sun spots” to see if I could get a shareable picture for you, and this totally awesome swatch of a Barbara Walker pattern came up, and I HAD to post it.  So, uhm, on to Sunspots! The school grind has started.  It’s a very different school grind than… Read More

Mourning Heaven

on September 6, 2012

Hee hee— okay, so, yeah, Mourning Heaven is out tomorrow, and Dreamspinner has come up with the inspired idea of giving us a sort of multi-pack of .jpg images to help us promote our work.  I’m going with the big Facebook Banner today, and if you’ve been to my FB page (as I haven’t cause I suck!)… Read More