So What Am I Doing Next Year?

on October 31, 2013

Okay– so I wanted to post something adorable for Halloween, and what can I say?  There is NOTHING more adorable than the guys from Little Vampires.   And then I WENT THERE for the link to the site, and saw the post that Rebecca put up for Halloween.  GO!  GO NOW!  YOU WILL BE HOPELESSLY… Read More

Yeah– Not Surprised

on October 28, 2013

Some things that don’t surprise me–  *  That the cat NEEDS to sleep IN THE BOX. *  That my friend Wendy would harass a poor clerk at Chipotle about a bit of unripe avocado until the poor woman offered her free guacamole for her next visit. *  That Bruce Springsteen’s “Into the Fire” can make… Read More

And Dex and Kane introduce…

on October 25, 2013

And here to introduce Amy’s Cafe Press store (brought to you by the inimitable and awesome Rhys Ford) are Dex and Kane:“Night bunny.”“G’night Unca Dex.”Dex kissed Frances on top of her downy little head and Kane hefted her into his arms and swept her off to bed.Then Dex turned back to the computer where he was… Read More

Kicking that thing awake

on October 23, 2013

*  This post owes its existence to Christy Duke, who did not make it to GRL.  Her besty, Giselle Kay, brought her cardboard cutout (I WISH I had a picture– it was awesome– Giselle gave her superwoman boobs!) so that we could have pictures taken with her.  Christy pinged me on FB tonight, and got… Read More

GRL 2013

on October 20, 2013

That’s funny– it doesn’t LOOK like Amish Country!  And yet, seriously, with so many of us trying to use the internet, most people who’ve been here will tell you that if you didn’t have hotspot, well, you were back to the time when cable was the most interesting thing a hotel could provide. But, other… Read More

Greetings from GRL Atlanta…

on October 17, 2013

And now I must abed. But first let me give thanks for… Long hugs from strangers, Joyful greetings from friends A hand held in a moment of confusion Telling old stories to new people Being proud of my children in public Being proud of my work to people who appreciate it Being proud of my… Read More

Need a magnifying glass to find it…

on October 14, 2013

So Mate is on the soccer board, which means that when we have a tournament, Mate has something of a big furry deal. I, on the other hand, am left to run support, keep the troops fed, make sure everyone is dressed and delivered on time. I also, uhm, make sure Mate doesn’t yell at… Read More

True Colors

on October 11, 2013

Okay.  Big dumb knitting metaphor here.  But it was just so timely! So Mary and I talk about our characters all the time.  The two of us in public are Sam and Jory.  The platonic relationship she wrote to most capture our dynamic is Julian and Cash.  I can even tell you her top five… Read More

Tossing Cookies

on October 7, 2013

*warning– this post requires a strong stomach.  I’m not even kidding.  It’s gross.  Remember you were warned. Okay– remember Cory and Deacon? My two characters with the hair-trigger stomachs? See, the thing is, I usually don’t have a hair trigger stomach.  In fact, usually if it involves any sort of involuntary weight loss, mother nature… Read More

And Introducing Ethan in Gold

on October 4, 2013

Way back in the way back, when I was in seventh grade, my default best friend who stepped in after my bestest best friend passed away introduced me to Bruce Springsteen.  Her college aged brother listened to Bruce, and so we must listen to Bruce too.  My first favorite song was “Thunderroad” followed by pretty… Read More