*smacking head against desk*

on February 28, 2009

Okay– I know this. I know life is better with sleep. But never does it seem such a simple lesson as when I’m a flaming bitch all day, and then I fall asleep. I wake up, and the short people back away from me slowly, the tall people are ingratiating, Mate is ginger about approaching… Read More

Short people got… no reason…

on February 27, 2009

Don’t like no short people… (go Randy Newman!) Seriously– yesterday, the short people literally DROPPED into a coma, at around 2:00 pm. We actually STOOD THEM UP, to wake them up, and they just dissolved into sleeping puddles of short people…until arund 7:00, when they woke up, REALLY woke up, and ran around in circles… Read More

Oh hey… things got interesting!

on February 24, 2009

Only little interesting, but still… you know… interesting… The thing is, traffic was bad. I mean, you know…BAAAAAAAD. And I looked up as I was passing the exit for work on the way to the babysitter’s, and realized, “Hey–this is usually the time I LEAVE the baby sitter’s! Holy bats, Crapman! I’m frickin’ late!” So… Read More


on February 23, 2009

What can I say? My life IS that boring! I DIDN’T get a start on the roulette socks tonight (although I may go and do that before I go to bed… just to say I’ve done it) but I DID start a colleague’s hat. (Well, two of them, actually, but one’s more urgent than the… Read More

I’m Free…

on February 20, 2009

Okay, not really, but the kids are finally kicking their flu, and hopefully, since I worked three out of the five days they had it, I won’t get it. The title, though, comes from Ladybug. She still sounds like a three-year old forty-year chain smoker, but she was SO anxious to get out of the… Read More

Holy Clustering Germfuck, Batman…

on February 19, 2009

Okay–that’s almost exactly what I said when I put my hand on Big T’s head today and discovered that we’d hit a homerun in the illness department. I may have left out the ‘fuck’ but he knew what I meant. *sigh* Fucking February. * Other weird news? I may have reached a new low in… Read More

It’s February…

on February 17, 2009

It’s February the time of yearWhen things are decked with heartsIt’s also when my kid’s immuneSystems fall apart. It starts in the morning, It starts at nightOf an ordinary dayThe coughs, the fever, the headaches the painAnd my children have the plague. There was the year when poor Big TMade it to Valentines dayThe next… Read More

Crap & shit

on February 15, 2009

* Okay–I forgot to post yesterday. Just flat out forgot that I try for every other day and got caught up in big doings like naps and dinner and a movie with Mate. Sorry! * We gave each other cards– mine was home-made, and featured a foamie frame, decorated with buttons and flowers, and showing… Read More

Bless me Ward, for I have Sammed.

on February 12, 2009

Okay, once again proof that you can link all things in life to Supernatural, I have to admit that I have pulled a Sam. For those of you who watch the show, you will understand this–for those of you who have the good sense to avoid this obsession, let me explain. Sam Winchester is the… Read More

Not Work Friendly…

on February 12, 2009

But pretty fucking funny… OKay– I promise a real blog later on tonight, but, uhm, while indulging my sick and sad obsession, I stumbled across this, which, no matter who is mouthing the words, really is pretty fucking funny…