on June 24, 2022

 I’m so angry. Every woman in America should be this angry–but some of you aren’t and now I’m pissed at you. I mostly blog for myself these days–I don’t use it for an advertising platform much, and my kids have gotten to the point where their oddness and absurdity can be captured in a brief… Read More

Fuckcess and Sailure

on June 10, 2022

 So I’m currently putting together a class that I’m teaching next Wednesday–it’s beginning knitting and crocheting, and one of the enrollees wrote to ask what project I’m teaching first, and my response was, “A rectangle. I’m teaching people how to choose materials and make a rectangle. And if their first rectangle is successful, I can… Read More

Trickster gods and Murder birds: Long Con, the Suit

on June 8, 2022

  Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one out there who loves the heist subgenre–but I can’t help it. I ADORE IT–and while it’s mostly found in movies, it has its roots deep in literature and our oldest myths. I know for me, it started with Barry Hughart’s The Flower and the Stone, which… Read More