A brief poll–

on June 29, 2018

 For a change of pace, I have a couple of poll questions for you u. Feel free to answer as you will: Question 1: Say, just say, you were working on a sweater, and at the end of the first sleeve, you decided to put a thumb hole in it. But after your daugh–erm, someone… Read More

Little Old Ladies… still in the pool…

on June 28, 2018

Okay, so I’ve had mixed stories about Little Old Ladies in the Pool–this is, in its essence, white suburbia at its most conservative. The other day I got into the water spoiling for a fight. Someone said I looked pissed, and I replied, “Let’s just say if anyone here thinks putting kids in cages is… Read More

A small surrender

on June 27, 2018

So, I had so much planned today. I was going to finish a cleaning job Mate started, and do some laundry and keep writing and… Anyway– So this morning I took the dogs for a quick walk and went to a dentist appointment. I have a “food trap” between two of my back teeth. Basically… Read More

Somebody got groomed today…

on June 26, 2018

I’m not naming names… By the way– that photo? Well, the camera takes those little second-long photos, so there’s about 10-15 frames per picture. I took about ten pictures, and that was THE ONLY FRAME in the whole mess that had her looking at the camera. It’s because she was about to jump on me…. Read More

The Chi-who-what mafia and the Amy-NO! sweater

on June 25, 2018

So, a mostly quiet weekend–did some housework, saw a movie, worked on Familiar Demon. General stuff. Anyway– Here are some highlights– enjoy! Me: Did you get some food? ZB: Yeah–I had three pieces of chicken. And some orange chicken. All of the orange chicken. And some noodles. About half the noodles. Anyway–I ate. Me: 0.0… Read More

A Little Late…

on June 22, 2018

But still sweet… So, Sunday was our official 29th anniversary, and I was SO going to go out with Mate and we had plans to… Fall asleep on the couch, repeatedly. Recital does that to us–and every year we forget. We come home Saturday night, fall asleep before ten, and spend the next day going,… Read More

So today…

on June 20, 2018

I told my children that our government was ripping children from the arms of parents just looking for safety. I told them that Dad and I were upset about it–and it was making us mad and tearful and we were going to watch something stupid on TV because we’d been thinking about it all day… Read More

Pinched Nerve

on June 19, 2018

I may have mentioned this before– There’s such a thing as writing injuries. I thought I was alone, and it was just because of the weight, but I saw Jeaneane Frost talking about it on Twitter. Writers can fuck themselves up by sitting down, staring at a screen, and making their thoughts into words for… Read More

Another Recital

on June 18, 2018

Okay–does anybody remember that scene from Romancing the Stone, after the Angelina part, where we see Kathleen Turner wandering around her apartment in her pajamas and socks, looking for tissue so she could blow her nose? I wish that’s what happened when I finished my Christmas novel, HomeBird, this Friday night. Instead, I whipped off… Read More

Father’s Day, 2018

on June 17, 2018

So, going to get political. You’re going to see a lot of idiot politicians tomorrow–Republican ones–who claim to espouse family values–get on social media and say, “I’m a father and I’m proud.” Today my husband helped volunteer–like he always does–as a Security Dad for our dance recital. And he hauled shit and sold tickets and… Read More