A small surrender

I regret nothingSo, I had so much planned today. I was going to finish a cleaning job Mate started, and do some laundry and keep writing and…


So this morning I took the dogs for a quick walk and went to a dentist appointment. I have a “food trap” between two of my back teeth. Basically it’s a black hole that can swallow an entire piece of chicken–if I don’t mind the ever-present ache of chicken in my teeth. (It can get quite painful.)


I was asking the dentist how bad it would get and he was like, “It won’t hurt! I promise! But just in case I’m going to put one more injection of novocaine between he teeth.”

Bless him.

Didn’t feel a thing.

Until of course the novocaine wore off, and then I felt the three holes in my gum and they ached fiercely.

By then, of course, I was home, and the kids had eaten and I could feel my face again. I was sitting down to work, still thinking of all the things I’d planned to do and my neck hurt and my teeth hurt and my face hurt and my head hurt and I took two motrin and crawled into bed.

I woke up two hours later, feeling very much better, but still… let’s just say I was psychically curled. Just not quite ready to come out of my fetal position.

I wrote a couple thousand words and then made dinner and did the dishes and…

And sat down.

I sat down and crocheted and watched Firefly–which is a damned fine show.

Anyway–four episodes in, it occurred to me I’d pretty much pissed off the whole day.

Got halfway done on the sleeve to the Amy-NO! sweater.

I’m pretty sure I have no regrets!

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  1. Christy Duke says:

    That sounds to me like an EXCELLENT day minus the whole dentist, novocaine, and hurts!!

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