The Button…

on April 29, 2007

I have no idea how to add this to my blog permanently…but I know that most of you do! Hey–if anyone is out there–could you check the web site and the short story section, and see if the text is black on black? I’ve got one report of black on black text, and my laptop… Read More

IT’S UP! IT’S UP! IT’S UP! (But I’m down…)

on April 29, 2007

I’ve been sleeping all weekend–I don’t know what I got hit with, but I’m pretty sure it was a direct result of too much stress and too little sleep, and it involved fever, shaking, and breaking out into the stanky sweats…and pretty much nothing else accomplished in the Amy Lane house of Domestic Pain…except this:… Read More


on April 27, 2007

An exit from the land of Bummage. Okay, there’s been some highly amusing stuff on the kid front in the last couple of weeks–let’s see if I can recap: The Cave Troll: After that horrible moment with “Take off your shoes, mama, take them off?” I went to pick him up from day care (mind… Read More


on April 25, 2007

Okay…I bribed Chicken with the offer to wear my newest FO (the fingerless mitts are finally done–they’re in the Samurai’s yarn and they look pretty good, in spite of their fraternal status) in order that she would take pictures of our craptacular abode for bells’ meme. She did it–we had pictures of the the crap-family-castle… Read More

Another Quickie…

on April 24, 2007

Sorry to leave you all hanging on that ‘giant flesheating beetle’ thing…the Cave Troll was in fine shrieking form yesterday… I’m not sure what was bothering him, but it was, by effect, bothering the whole rest of us. I heard myself writing yesterday’s post in the grocery store, trying to apologize to the whole produce… Read More

May I Have Your Attention Please:

on April 22, 2007

Will the mad scientist who genetically engineered the ginormous toxic flesh eating beetle the crawled up my son’s ass this morning, please come back and reclaim his work. The poor kid needs a nap.

Some days you’re the cat…

on April 21, 2007

Some days you’re the dead mouse that’s been flopped back and forth until your eyes bulge out and your insides are jelly. Today was my second AP Saturday, and, for an extra bit of spice, I brought the little ones… Mate was tied up seeing a friend about a horse (yes, really–not that we’d actually… Read More

Ripping Off the Band-Aid…

on April 19, 2007

Okay okay okay… I know it was the “Thinking Bloggers” meme, but did you really need me to THINK? So. Not. Fair. I’m still terribly proud that bells named me (you should see her knitting by the way…So. Gorgeous.)but I don’t blog enough–I don’t read enough blogs, that is. The ones I do read, I… Read More

Not a problem…

on April 17, 2007

Okay, first of all, I’ve realized I don’t read enough blogs. This is a problem–I’ve maxed out my computer time as it is. The reason I realized this is that I was trying to think of my top five thinking blogs, and I realized that I wanted to nominate EVERY BLOGGER I KNOW. Because you’re… Read More