Ripping Off the Band-Aid…

Okay okay okay…

I know it was the “Thinking Bloggers” meme, but did you really need me to THINK? So. Not. Fair.

I’m still terribly proud that bells named me (you should see her knitting by the way…So. Gorgeous.)but I don’t blog enough–I don’t read enough blogs, that is. The ones I do read, I tend to give my whole and undivided attention to, so whats I’m gonna do is…

Name only three–three bloggers who make me think seriously, make me laugh, cry, and enjoy my itty-bitty-teeny-tiny online community–that should be good, right? (Of course, that is a number…we all know how I am with numbers…)

Roxie Roxie is like the older sister I never had. She’s smart, funny, totally comfortable with herself. She also uses words and digital pictures like watercolors, and paints my grumpy, irritable, sleep-deprived world with optimism and grace. And she has cats. All good.

Mother of Chaos She’s a smart mother of four, who recently qualified for my dream job of being self-employed. (I don’t really know what she does, but she doesn’t have to desert her lovely offspring at daycare anymore…hence, it’s my dream job.) Her prose is BRILLIANT, and what’s more, it’s CLEAN. I mean, no typos, no grammar wonkiness, no messiness period–and her knitting? FABULOUS. Plus, she just got nominated as a hot mommy blogger (or something like that.) I have no idea what she looks like, but she is a definite 10 on the intellectual hotness scale. She will make you laugh out loud…but watch out–she is also a mother–the occassional weeper post makes its way in there, dammit… but then, I always feel better for a good cry.

Samurai Knitter aka Julie–okay, shall we talk about brilliant? She has read more books than I can dream of, and she, like, totally gets them. And breaks them down for you. And she’s snarky and cool and she has visible tatoos and the world’s second most adorable baby. (Sorry, Julie…I love you, but I just can’t dis the Ladybug like that…on my blog, my kid is the cutest, on your blog, The Baby rules.) Oh yeah–and she dyes gorgeous yarn. In a week, I’ll have the fingerless mitts to prove it!

Our beloved harlot How many of us started blogging because of Steph…that fact that we’ve taken the knitting blog–a medium Steph elevated to an art form and made it our own really, just makes us knitters, right?

Someday, I will have a little more time and will read other blogs…someday, I will get to all of the people I DO read as often as I like. But until then, in my tiny, self-involved world, these are my milestone bloggers… And the rest of you gorgeous, wonderful, amazing people? You are my dearest of cyberfriends, and on days like today, when my job is more than depressing and my children are sad and my thighfat is asking for it’s own zip code, you are an indespensible, funny, sad, irritable, perfect part of my life and if the worldwide web ever gets apoplexy and goes belly up, you would all motivate me to actually (gasp!) pick up a pen and actually write because I love knowing you.

*whew* All done with that…yay!

On other fronts…hm…

Today we had a lockdown drill wherein I entered grades that I couldn’t earlier because my computer was down then and I couldn’t enter later because I was at the world’s most depressing student meeting…I’ll spare you the legally private details, but all I can say is that our world sucks sometimes and the foster parent program is in the back of the vacuum, picking up the gummiest, smelliest, most appalling of human detritus and it often is the very embodiment of suckage and if I had anything left of me, I’d fix it but I can’t and it just makes me sad.

The lockdown drill, btw, was pretty funny (in the grim, gallows type of humor that you develop teaching in my district) because it was followed by a stage of ‘high alert’ as some asshole from Yuba City picked up an ak47 and went running about two counties (or so we were led to believe) in a boxy red Honda talking about making himself another Virginia Tech. Fucking moron, I hope he dies of constipation. (I’m sorry, was that harsh? Ooops… see, this job really is killing my people skills, isn’t it?) Anyway, nothing like having that announced after 15 minutes of mandatory drill silence (like my students could be silent, no, not even when their lives theoretically depended upon it) by the announcement that we’re not in a lockdown drill anymore, but, hey, there’s a maniac on the loose. Dueant, god of compassion, spare me!

And now for the thing that really, totally, threw me, and is probably responsible for the foulness of the second half of my post (the first half I was talking about great people–my tone was decidedly less foul). This morning, the Cave Troll threw his first “Mom I don’t wanna go to daycare” tantrum EVER. And because it wasn’t mom, alone, who can’t call in sick or late to work because the would require four other people to go backwards in time in order to activate the sub system but it was mom AND dad, well, dad looked at me with bloodshot eyes and…

Caved to the Cave Troll.

Oh yeah, you all heard that right. He caved–the kids stayed home with him today. And I know what you all are thinking…

That’s it, we’re done for…

Mate and I are officially the Cave Troll’s bitches…

And I cried all the way to work.

0 thoughts on “Ripping Off the Band-Aid…”

  1. Julie says:

    I’m so sorry about caving to the Troll. The first time the baby whined and I gave her what she wanted, my in-laws were visiting and I looked at them and said “It’s the first step ON THE ROAD TO HELL!!” But what’s a girl to do??

    Kids don’t die from being loved to much. This is my motto whenever I cave, may it serve you well also.

    Thank you ever so much for the nomination, and making me sound both hip (visible tattos) and intellectual (reading books).

    I enjoy your blog, too, for quite a lot of reasons – good writing from a mechanical standpoint (can’t handle bad writing; just can’t), humor, angst (oh how I wish I could fix the school system just for you), tales of motherhood, and generally the struggle to be a good mom and contributing member of society that we all go through.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. Bells says:

    I don’t think caving is a bad thing, on the whole. You’ve gotta judge when it’s on or not on, right? Maybe the Cave Troll had very, very good reasons for not going that just couldn’t be clearly articulated. So no problem, as far as I can tell.

    Good nominations!

  3. Netter says:

    It doesn’t always serve to be unbendable. Caving is like compromise. Well, that’s what I tell myself when I do it.

  4. Louiz says:

    Hugs to you on the Cave Troll thing, I know exactly where you’re coming from here.

    Re the lockdown drill – what is that?

    Everything else I hope the weekend improves things for you (although the Cave Troll pic showed him to be looking a cheerful little one, and the dress – looks lovely)

  5. Amy Lane says:

    (Thanks, Julie:-)

    And Louiz–a lockdown drill is when we practice our ‘there’s an armed maniac on campus’ procedures–i.e., lock ourselves in our rooms, turn out the lights, and pretend we don’t exist…

  6. roxie says:

    The little troll was being a little troll. It’s his job. Mate may have wanted to stay home anyway, and the troll gave him a good excuse. This probably will not change the history of the world. There, there.(pat, pat.)Crying can release some good endorphins. Hope they helped. (hugs.)

    I’m a thinking blogger? I was under the impression that I had all the subtle depths of a soup-bowl.(Mandatory self-denigratory comment so I don’t look too ego-inflated.) Thanks!! Shazam!! Gollleee! Now, instead of trying to come up with something profound, I’m too busy rolling in the glory. “Uses words like watercolors.” Ooooh that feels NICE! Thank you!

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