on November 29, 2021

 So I had a massive fasciitis flare up yesterday and I’ve spent pretty much all day stoned on Flexeril and Ibuprofen so let’s see how coherent I am. … probably not very. See, I know I promised to blog more, but I’ve discovered that when things get super intense, I get super quiet inside. It’s… Read More

18–but still my ZoomBoy

on November 16, 2021

 I mentioned this on FB but ZoomBoy has new goings on in his life! For one thing, he’s got a job–it starts on December 2nd, and it’s in fast food (Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, which is new for our area) and he’s so excited! He’s currently volunteering to help his dance teacher, and while she… Read More

Where It All Comes From

on November 9, 2021

 Over twenty years ago, when I was writing Vulnerable, I was writing the part where Cory was swimming in Lake Folsom. Now, I had grown up swimming in Folsom, and I loved it–but I wasn’t so fond of the long weeds growing up from the bottom that would wrap their vines around my ankles. Freaked… Read More