Abort! Abort! Brain overload!

on February 25, 2020

I have my rituals.  The television goes off, I get the dogs snack, I fill my cup with ice and fizzy water, and I sit down to do some thought clearing exercise (play phone games for 10 minutes) and then I write. And tonight was no different.  There I was, approaching my work station with… Read More

Minor Epiphany

on February 24, 2020

So, the kids had President’s Week and I have to admit–it passed sort of quietly. Each kid made plans to hang with their friends on different days, and I took Squish shopping–and then, so did her sister– and generally, I did my usual thing. (Hampered a little, admittedly, by all the activity in the living… Read More


on February 21, 2020

I don’t have many “meh” days. The kids actually ask me what I do during the day because I usually meet someone at the park, or someone in the pool, or see a meme or something that makes my day a little more interesting, and I just wouldn’t be Mom if I didn’t share. But… Read More

Imaginary Conversations and Real

on February 19, 2020

So, today I went shopping explicitly for snacks.  Me, to clerk: You know, I like how that bag of potato chips says, “Party size” when what they REALLY mean is “party of one teenager gaming all day on the couch.” Clerk: They really need to sell a size up for that. Also, I bought Lindor… Read More

Don’t Panic…

on February 17, 2020

She’s fine. There’s that moment in the Harry Potter movies, where Mrs. Macgonagal looks at Harry, Hermione and Ron and goes, “Why is it always you?” Ron replies, “Believe me, Professor–we ask ourselves the same question.” Geoffie. If anyone is going to get sick, it’s Geoffie. When she weighed three pounds she stepped on a… Read More

Valentines Day and Serendipity…

on February 14, 2020

Okay– so I wasn’t going to post today, I was going to write a story for Patreon, but the following happened. I’ve been working on a pair of socks and I’m so close to done–like, one good conversation and some Friday night TV close to done. But there was a sale on this super bulky… Read More

Lovefest 2020

on February 13, 2020

Oddly enough, everybody wanted to know about my day. Seriously–I have repeatedly told people, “I live a very uninteresting life!” and about six people asked–but, oddly enough, I have something to tell! For starters–last night, I thought I’d lost my fingerless mitts on my walk, and I was much depressed. 🙁   This morning, on… Read More

When your native tongue is Lit Geek!

on February 11, 2020

Okay– so, sorry I didn’t report back last night. So. Tired. Also, I had to make up word count. But teaching at the East Bay chapter of RWA was a blast! Lovely, lovely authors–all of them kind and accepting, and I felt right at home. Their usual room was hijacked by somebody (there was much… Read More

So sorry–reinventing the wheel…

on February 7, 2020

Okay– so, VERY short post tonight. This weekend, I am, alas, not going to be at the Lavender Library with my QSAC folks–and I’ll miss it! *waves* Instead, Mate and I are driving to Berkeley tomorrow night (the older kids including my ginormous son will be here with the younger kids which makes me very… Read More

Life as Yakety Sax

on February 5, 2020

So VERY short post today– I just want to say, my life is a circus, and I’m not so sure I’m the ringleader. Picked the kids up from school–nothing. Silence all the way home. I actually got lost in my audiobook and forgot they were there. Then Squish was like, “I’m talking to my former… Read More