Life as Yakety Sax

So VERY short post today– I just want to say, my life is a circus, and I’m not so sure I’m the ringleader.

Picked the kids up from school–nothing. Silence all the way home. I actually got lost in my audiobook and forgot they were there. Then Squish was like, “I’m talking to my former crush about my present crush and I need to go.”

She ran into the house and had an actual conversation. AN ACTUAL PHONE CONVERSATION.

When does that happen?

Then I have to admit–I crashed for a lONG TIME. (I think my cold is trying to come back. There was a lot of sleeping today–and all of it was necessary.) When I woke up the house was still silent. Had to check to see the kids were breathing.

Then Mate got home.


Sheer chaos. He was doing knee exercises on the floor–with dogs. The cat got locked in the garage. Suddenly everyone has forgotten how to make their own tacos. (How does that happen, people? Mommy puts a taco bar in front of you and you forget how to eat?)

We settle down for a little bit, watch some Leverage, get our hearts broken by The Good Place finale, and then, just when Mate was down for some ass-kicking with John Wick 3? 

ZoomBoy needs to know how to write satire, Squish is discussing the nature of humanity via her essay on Frankenstein and the dogs have heard the call. *ding* LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!*

Mate hits pause on the TV so I can discuss the nature of satire and humanity and we’re off to the races. Finally, everybody gets settled with bed or homework, and I get a chance to go kiss my Mate goodnight while I go to work.

The dogs follow me in.

There I am trying to have a nice conversation in the dark with my Mate and it’s like Yakkety Sax is playing in the background.

Finally I get out here to my computer, ZB is still working on the essay and it’s quiet…

Too quiet.


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