In Case You Wonder Where I Get My Dialog…

on November 29, 2008

So I walked into Chicken’s room while she was reading this morning in order to molest her cat– “I don’t like you, kitty. I don’t like you at all… Garlic and butter…that’s the only way you’re good…” (Don’t ask me why I started to say this, but it’s my little kitty ritual, usually said while… Read More

Halt the Lame!

on November 29, 2008

We made it! My friend Barb and I managed our yearly Black Friday trek this morning, and, surprising enough, it was fairly sane. There were a few reasons for this: A. Neither of us have money. (Yeah, I know–join the rest of America.) B. We were going to ToysRUs for specific people on our list–for… Read More

Sey, I Heart Skoob–But I HATE Wal-Mart!

on November 27, 2008

Chicken has been making bracelets like mad–she found a bag of cheap plastic letter beads in my ‘home from school’ stuff and went to town. Bracelets with names, bracelets with ages, bracelets with slogans– “Arwyn”, “Five” “I ‘heart’ Supernatural” (for mom) and, also for mom… “Sey, I ‘heart’ skoob!” Well–even Chicken gets crafter’s dyslexia on… Read More

Want some Cheese with that Whine?

on November 25, 2008

Yeah–I whined in my last blog post, but I’ll tell you the truth–*Twilight* was the BEST movie I ever knit through. Seriously–it was supposed to be set in the Pacific Northwest–lots of fog, right? Lots of foggy lighting, lots of pale, pretty people and head shots–it was the best lit movie EVER!!! If I’d been… Read More

Recovery Day

on November 23, 2008

That’s what today feels like… lots of napping, lots of letting the short people run around in circles while I zone off and try to get some editing done… The most imaginative thing we’ve done today is try to figure out what kind of food the kids were. The Cave Troll wanted me to ‘nom… Read More

Gotta give it up to Knittech…

on November 21, 2008

She sure can do those lists! Have you read them? They’re all written in a straight line, and they’re usually hilarious, and they’re just a list of things–irritating or wonderful–about her day. I love her lists. I sat down to blog tonight and was thinking, “Gees, I sure would like to just do a list,”… Read More

Welcome to the Monkey House

on November 18, 2008

The problem with trying to do work at home is that all your coworkers are insane. It all started as I sat here and edited Bitter Moon II. I was actually enjoying myself, and I looked up and saw that the Cave Troll had no pants of any kind. There he was, bum-winkie-nekkid, yelling at… Read More

Because this is my life…

on November 18, 2008

I got home today and there were two packages–for ME! There was ‘Elfhunter’ from my friend Archer (C.J. Marks) and there was (oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!) ‘Sanna Meets Dauntless SwiftSure’ by none other than our very own Roxie–YEEEEEHHAAAA! So there I was, in my office (the bathroom) doing my business (’nuff… Read More

Sweet boy, very hyper…

on November 17, 2008

(The Cave Troll, Mate, & Grandpa Pete light candles.) It was a rough day housecleaning, and it seemed as though every time we got a break from the short people, they were getting into something worse than what they were doing when they were driving us crazy. Example? The Cave Troll disappeared for fifteen minutes… Read More

A long string of weirdness…

on November 16, 2008

***The Cave Troll is 5 today (11/15)–tomorrow I will do a big gushy B-Day post, but today, let me leave you with this. A young man in my 3rd period came into class with a lot of balloons yesterday. He is handsome, quiet, and subversive–he talks quietly a lot because he’s done with his work… Read More