Don’t make me write…

on June 30, 2009

I’m busy writing! Seriously– I’ve been clipping along at around 8 pages a night for the last week, and I went from 610 pages before I left to 675 pages as of right about now. I’m ROARING with the story now, and thrilled and happy to be doing it–and I’ve been worried. I forget, sometimes,… Read More

The temperature today is: 108

on June 28, 2009

And it feels like it. I took the kids out to visit my grandma, and by the time we got home, we were both wrecked. Of course, part of that might have to do with getting to bed late because I’m writing, and waking up early because the two short people have taken to sleeping… Read More

Sleep Cooties

on June 26, 2009

Okay–so she’s 14 and it’s summer vacation–I’ve STILL never seen anyone sleep as much as my daughter. Until I got back from the pool today, that is. I was so good–light breakfast, some water, and I did my aqua aerobics class at full bore. Then I played with the kids in the pool for an… Read More

I blame public television because…

on June 24, 2009

* I walked in on the short people as they were watching Kim Possible, and Ladybug was on Cave Troll’s back giving a two hand yank on the kid’s underwear. Yup, you guessed it– Disney taught my three year old the power wedgie. * The teenagers and I spent a giddy five minutes coming up… Read More

If you hear maniacal laughter…

on June 23, 2009

It’s because my pictures loaded… This first one is our view in the Granby valley–it’s a big sky sort of place! “Those aren’t horses!” We were looking for the Lonesome Stone Alpaca Farm–and clearly we found it. I got some LOVELY yarn here, and we met Lily, a dog bigger than my first car. This… Read More

Just visiting friends.

on June 21, 2009

OKay–so the conversation went like this: Me: “Do you know how to get from Granby to Fort Collins?” We were going to visit friends. Mate: “Yeah– Google maps says just to get on 34, and it’ll take us there.” Me: “Okay–I’ll drive–I mean, the road couldn’t possibly be any worse than the one from Denver… Read More

Colorado Quickie

on June 20, 2009

* Met Michelle from Colorado–in brief: Seven buckets of awesome, and she bought me lunch! (And gifts. I don’t know why, but the the gifts were so wonderful I mostly tucked them under my arm and ran with them–you CAN’T have my hand quilted sock bag back, you just CAN’T!) Pictures to follow next week–Michelle,… Read More

We’re here (we’re here!, isn’t anybody gonna give a cheer?)

on June 17, 2009

We made it–it was exceptionally non-painful. Seriously– we walked through the lines, through the airport, and into the plane. No waiting. Sort of freaked us out a little. We’re leaving a LOT earlier next time! The Rocky Mountains are… desolate. Alien. Beautiful. Dangerous. Big savage peaks, still holding onto snow with pure malice, and green… Read More

Thin wallets, fat fantasy lives…

on June 15, 2009

Okay– we really are broke. Mate and I are planning a stunning diet of pb &j while on vacation, and at my last two trips to the yarn store, I *gasp* only knit, and bought no more stash. However, it’s interesting how creative you can get amusing yourself when you can afford nothing but soda… Read More

In Which Amy Realizes that Being a Grown Up Has Perks!

on June 13, 2009

Okay–it’s REALLY late, and I’m tired, but a few things need to be mentioned. A. I’m done for 8 weeks canyagimmehalellujiaamen? I thought you could! B. Graduation was pretty awesome. More details tomorrow. C. I am no longer mad at the prickweenie. In fact, he is a prickweenie no longer. Now see, I’ve been kicking… Read More