on September 30, 2018

So, someone posted on FaceBook, “I hear you turned 15! Who said dyslexia is all bad?” I love that guy. Anyway… Yes, it twas my birthday, and I’d planned to have a regular day, followed by a nice dinner at Tahoe Joes w/Mate. Except Mate got sick. Like, he’s falling asleep now after his two… Read More

Beauty and the Beast

on September 30, 2018

When I wrote Sidecar, and Casey didn’t know about the AIDs crisis in 1988, people wrote me and said, “But he was only 150 miles north of San Francisco. How could he not?” Well, I didn’t. I mean, I’d heard of it, but nobody talked to me directly, and even though some of my friends… Read More


on September 28, 2018

So, I was going to write a post and say–honestly, I thought–that I had never been sexually assaulted, but I lived in fear of it. I was going to say that I believed the women who’d come forward, because I am the most likely person in the world to just be quiet, just hold it… Read More

Pet Door

on September 28, 2018

So Connie Bailey (*all the love in the world for this woman who is my soul mate and my sister*) took pictures at the workshop, and sent us the files. I used one of them for a new picture on FB but figured I’d let you get a look at them.  It’s funny–I would have… Read More

Superman’s Bris

on September 26, 2018

I LOVE my DSP weekend. I really do. I meet and plan and talk and even have an occasional panel to be on (which I forgot about and still showed up with an audio-visual aid!) Anyway– it was wonderful, and I may pull out stuff to talk about in the next week, and I have… Read More


on September 19, 2018

Okay… so two things. Maybe three. One. I’m the worst at packing. I’ve discussed it here many times. My time honored packing technique consists of shoving in way too many clothes and then picking one item– one!– and, at the last possible gasp freaking out and shoving as many of those items possible in every… Read More

Road Construction

on September 18, 2018

Just a quickie– I’m leaving for Orlando on Wednesday morning–at asscrack Wednesday morning–and while I’m excited about the trip, I am, as always, buttfuck behind. Seriously– I started packing my knitting tonight, which means I’ll think I’m all ready to go tomorrow and suddenly be shoving half my inventory into an overnight bag in case… Read More

Breaking Point– SuperBat

on September 17, 2018

So– Chicken gave me this notions carrier for an EARLY birthday present and I love it SO MUCH! It’s small, so basically some scissors, a tape measure, and some yarn needles–or I could use it in my purse for small items– either or. It’s adorable. And it also put me in the mind for–you guessed… Read More

Who Am I?

on September 17, 2018

Okay– so some interesting feedback from a variety of places, much of it contradictory, has come to my attention. It reminds me that not everybody knows who I am. I mean, sure, I’ve been doing the blog for 12 years, and I’ve been writing for DSP for nine–but some people JUST met me, JUST read… Read More

Nothing to report…

on September 14, 2018

.  “Mom, what’s a textile?” “Well, Squish, it’s a fabric. Textiles are fabrics made of fiber. Knitted, woven, crocheted–“ “Oh. I’m reading about the textiles in Shetland.” I widened my eyes and got a better look at what she was reading. “What do you have there?” “One of your magazines. I had to do a… Read More