The really great and the sort of irritating…

on January 31, 2008

Okay–really great? B-MoonI got it’s first review on! SQUEEEEEEE! That’s it, guys. I mean, there’s still some stomach-heaving, nail chewing anxiety out there in the process, but, still, I’m good! You all like it! You really really really like it! (I knew you did…but something about that first written review–I’m telling you guys…it’s weird…. Read More

And in addendum:

on January 29, 2008

Item the First: Governor Arnold is going to cut the education budget so severely next year that he’s going to send the state with one of the highest costs of living in the nation into the exalted position of 46th in the nation in terms of $$$ per kid. Thanks, Governor, you’re doing exactly what… Read More

That rarity of rarities and my own common neurosis…

on January 29, 2008

My 5th period class is quietly doing their work, and I got bored and decided to blog. Someone check the bible–I think this could be a sign of something truly dire. The truth is, my 2nd period was vile enough to make up for this seeming obedience. A few weeks ago, I moved everybody to… Read More

The Calm During the Storm…

on January 27, 2008

The weather here in nor-cal is grungy–it’s what Seattle wishes the weather was like all the time just to live up to it’s rep! (I actually love Seattle, btw…one of the prettiest cities outside of San Francisco and Victoria that I’ve ever been to! But then, those of you who’ve traveled Europe, I’m sure, have… Read More

And that, yerhonor, is why I got shot.

on January 25, 2008

First of all, thank you everybody. You’re all so awesome–is it any wonder that you ended up in the acknowledgments? (Hee hee…I love that part!!!) And second of all, I need to explain why I’m blogging in the middle of what should be my 3rd period class. I was home yesterday with the Cave Troll… Read More

Live, from i-Universe…

on January 24, 2008

It’s BITTER MOON!!! Holy Goddess, Merciful God, (are ya all with me here?) LET. IT. NOT. SUCK.

Cloudy with a chance of crap-all

on January 23, 2008

Well…nothing to blog about really. I mean, uhm, REALLY nothing to blog about that comes in any cohesive form, so I’m gonna do the shot-gun blog approach with a solid wad of crap-all ammunition. Uhm…EVERYBODY DUCK! * On Monday, the Cave Troll handed me my driving glasses when I was not prepared for them. As… Read More

Cows again…

on January 22, 2008

Chicken and I went to the craft store today and took the short people with us. All went well until the end, nearing nap time, when the Cave Troll was gearing himself up for a huge tizzy fit, and I took the wind out of his sails. “Is that a real cow?” I asked. “I… Read More

Thanks, Knittech:-)

on January 21, 2008

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