0 thoughts on “Bitter Moon I–now available on amazon.com:-)”

  1. Alyssa says:

    *Finishes reading…is speechless*
    It doesn’t freaking suck. No seriously if you say that again I will hunt you down and commit unspeakable tortures until you admit you don’t suck. I’ve half a mind to hunt you down anyway and tie you to your computer until you finish the sequel anyway. 🙂 I will write a more cohesive review later but I just wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful book.

    PS When I saw my name in the acknowledgments I’m pretty sure I let out a fan girl squeal. You rock, that is all.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    You must be so excited!!! And about that lockdown thing, I think we are getting way over the top on this. Over an hour? I’m glad you survived with your sanity intact.

  3. Haylo says:

    I’ve ordered it and now I get to sit here and wait and compulsively check amazon’s shipping status. I also went a little wonky when I saw myself in the acknowledgments. The people at my job probably wondered why their normally sane program assistant was bouncing in her chair.

  4. TinkingBell says:

    It so doesn’t suck (and I’m waiting for BM2 – and have done a bit on Vulnerable and I really like that too!)

  5. Galad says:

    Mine is on order too and I’m now really glad I paid for the Amazon Prime when I still had a job 🙂 I called my kids to tell them I was in the acknowledgments and they were very excited! Made my otherwise sucky week too – thanks Amy.

  6. roxie says:

    Yayyyyy!!! May you sell a thousand copies!

  7. ismarah says:

    Right, I actually had to sign up to Barnes & Noble to order my copy as I couldn’t get my grubby little mitts on it elsewhere online.

    So yesterday it finally arrived here in the UK and I read it last night and this morning.

    As I expected, I now have a serious gripe against Ms Lane’s rejection letters as they mean she remains shackled to the day-job and can’t possibly fulfill her hungry fan hordes requirements for output.

    I.e. I liked it. Will reread it again over Easter I think, once I have quiet time.

    Oh, and I’ve told Amazon I liked it, obviously.

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