Dammit Mom!

on May 26, 2021

 Things 2,3, and 4 were gathered around this afternoon before I went grocery shopping. I’d needed to root through my little shoulder-sling for something and I pulled out a ziploc baggie full of Hershey’s kisses–a thing I do NOT keep stocked because… *flails* REASONS! “Mom?” Says Thing 2.“Yeah,” I said, trying to remember what I… Read More

Pending Graduations

on May 19, 2021

 So, without my consent or approval, my children have apparently grown. I mean, yes, normally we age at a rate of 24 hours a day, but in this case there are milestones that are sort of blowing my mind. The first indicator that children are growing is that Big T, my oldest, is GRADUATING FROM… Read More

He Regrets Nothing

on May 15, 2021

 Nebula was unusually vocal tonight, because apparently that’s how furry psychopaths with murder-mittens get in the spring. So there he is, stalking back and forth from the back yard to the hallway, talking to us. “Meow! Meow! Meow! Come check this out! It’s great! It’s fantastic! It’s marvelous!” Youngest Child comes along and coos,  “BABY!… Read More


on May 10, 2021

 I am… humbled, I guess. I was looking forward to Mother’s Day–Mate ordered me some things I’d really wanted, and we were going to order takeout steak and eat it while watching the comfort movie of my choice. I’d plans to go see bio-mom in the morning–we took her lunch and flowers and a book–and… Read More

Kermit Flail– May!!!!!!!

on May 3, 2021

 YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, did May get here quickly–and my dance card is sort of full! My oldest son is graduating from college (yay!) and my third child may graduate from high school. (Quarantine was rough on some of our students–if he can graduate we’ll be super excited, but it might not happen until August.) I’ve got… Read More