I am… humbled, I guess.

I was looking forward to Mother’s Day–Mate ordered me some things I’d really wanted, and we were going to order takeout steak and eat it while watching the comfort movie of my choice. I’d plans to go see bio-mom in the morning–we took her lunch and flowers and a book–and then we were going to come home and relax.

It was that simple.

There were some things I didn’t count on though.

I knew #2 child was going to go have brunch with my stepmom and then swing by–and that was fine. Big T was going to drive over, and I figured there’d be flowers. That was all–and I was happy. I was giving myself permission to blow off my diet and eat steak and pie and to watch movies and knit. 

Seriously–all I wanted.

I did not count on Chicken coming by with lots of presents–including the Chicken Run stuffies she got from a friend’s collection, just for me, the Batman crochet hook and the absolutely charming book about yarn. I didn’t count on the lovely cards from Big T and his girlfriend, and the big batch of roses (or the tulips Mate got yesterday, just for me 🙂  I didn’t count on going down for a nap and having Mate assemble the winder/swift/ironing board combo into exactly the thing I wanted but he didn’t like any of the ones they offered on the internet. And a yarn bowl that just humbled me with its beauty.

And I didn’t count on saying, “Which of Mom’s comfort movies do you want to watch?” and having Big T say, “Pride and Prejudice–the Colin Firth one. I haven’t seen that.”

Be still my fluttering little heart.

I mean, I went down for my nap in the middle of it, but when I woke up, it was STILL ON. (Remember, it’s six episodes long!) And not only that, but Mate and T and I were watching it and making commentary and even ZoomBoy and YC (Youngest Child) were in the room. In fact, YC had the line of the day.

Mate: Wow–did you see the disclaimer in the corner? This is MA for sexual content. (Remember, we don’t see so much as an ankle in six hours of television.)  

YC: You just can’t escape the eye-fucking, dad. 

And no, you can’t. We commented throughout, and stopped and listened to our favorite parts and I didn’t have to tie anyone down, drug them, or listen to, “Oh God, Mom, please no!”

And there was steak.

It was HEAVEN. 

And, to top it off, my stepmom and dad came in, left a plant–and their love–and breezed out. 

Stepmom: It’s supposed to be the one plant you can’t kill.

Mate: Challenge accepted.

And on the one hand, I get it.  We’ve had a rough year–all of us. The chance to get together and spend time in company without worry and without fear–that was glorious.

But on the other hand, I feel really spoiled. And I get that not everybody had the greatest parents–Mother’s Day is not a fun thing for a lot of people. Some people have lost their mothers and Goddess, that sucks.

I just really want all those kind nurturing souls who surround me to know this feeling. Appreciated–and really spoiled. 

I want you to have someone to bring you your favorite meal and watch your favorite movie. I want unexpected flowers for you, and hugs. I want your favorite people to surround you unexpectedly, and happy things to follow.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone–however you need that to be. May your hearts be spoiled for joy. 

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