I Am a SnapDragon…

on December 31, 2008

Thanks, Knittech! I am aSnapdragon What Flower Are You? I don’t have much today– here’s to a happy and prosperous new year, and to good friends who send you books for free. (This explains why I have very little to talk about!) I PROMISE tomorrow I will write a REAL blog! I swear! Happy New… Read More


on December 30, 2008

While we wait to see if blogger will load pictures, I’ll tell you a little secret. I submitted Bitter Moon II this morning. *deep breath* I’m sure the editing problems abound, just because I’m me, and if I think it’s perfect, I’m bound to have forgotten to capitalize half the proper nouns in the manuscript…. Read More

Excuse me while I throw down in public…

on December 29, 2008

Okay–for starters I was on my last nerve. That’s understandable. Mate had worked very hard to round up 20 people to go to a King’s game–including our entire famndamily–and I had worked very hard to whip up some enthusiasm. The thought of our two smaller children at a King’s Game without the luxury of leaving… Read More

In Which All Is Right With the World

on December 27, 2008

Okay–with any luck the two pix I took on the computer attachment will come out, because my first question is going to be, “Now do these things look like they’re worth staying all night to make?” (And the computer is NOT loading them and I’m ready for bed. We’ll try again tomorrow because the dinosaur… Read More

Christmas: It’s not just for young people anymore.

on December 24, 2008

This morning, I was prepping my kids for the housecleaning (that is even now continuing without me) and the following conversations took place: Big T: “Mom, how clean do you want the bathroom.” Me: “Pristine.” “But seriously–what do you want me to clean?” “The floors, the floors behind the toilet, the walls, the walls behind… Read More

Things to do things to do things to do…

on December 22, 2008

1. Finish the Cave Troll’s glubs by Christmas. Take pictures. 2. Start and finish Ladybug’s glubs–same deadline. Take pictures. 3. finish the last pair of socks for the Chaney women free-for all. Take pictures. 4. Finish the hat I’ve been working on as a traveling piece. This will be easy, as it’s pretty much decreasing… Read More

Squishy Belle

on December 20, 2008

I’ve had to do it–I’ve put the writing on a moratorium and am knitting as often as possible. I’ve forgotten how liberating that is… and how refreshing to the ol’ cranium. I’ll be SO ready to write again as soon as Christmas has come and gone. I’ve even let an extra day come and go… Read More

Believe it or not…

on December 18, 2008

Okay–my internet time is on a serious downswing here… and, seeing as this is a knitting blog, you’ll never guess the cause. Yup. I’ve been KNITTING. (Or crocheting, as the case may be.) I know this may shock some of you… it shocks me. The simple fact is, that in spite of a sort of… Read More

Random Ephiphanies

on December 16, 2008

OKay… some really funny stuff and some not so funny stuff and some really weird stuff happened to me yesterday. Bear with me…it was all just so goddamned random. * The Cave Troll and Ladybug had an ongoing argument as to whether or not the star on the top of the Christmas tree was a… Read More

Big T is 16

on December 14, 2008

And I didn’t get any pictures. So the story is this: This week, T was trying to get his friend to go with him to the movies for his birthday. I’ve prepped the kids–nothing big for b-days. Nothing big for Christmas. T was primed, if a little disappointed, about cake & ice cream at home,… Read More