Things to do things to do things to do…

1. Finish the Cave Troll’s glubs by Christmas. Take pictures.

2. Start and finish Ladybug’s glubs–same deadline. Take pictures.

3. finish the last pair of socks for the Chaney women free-for all. Take pictures.

4. Finish the hat I’ve been working on as a traveling piece. This will be easy, as it’s pretty much decreasing time. No pictures, since the color is too wonderful and the texture is too heavenly (silk/malabrigo…mmmm) and a picture will only break my heart with the limits of visual media.

4. Finish the yellow and blue kitchen set for my friend Barb. Not necessarily needed to be done by Christmas. No pictures needed.

5. Finish the final Christmas set for the MIL who insists that she doesn’t need anything for Christmas but who will probably appreciate these. Red acrylic X-Mas glitter yarn. No pictures necessary. Really. You’ll be grateful.

6. Line up ‘post Christmas’ Christmas knitting–kitchen sets (mentioned above), Noro striped scarf (how many was that cast on again?), my friend Wendy’s alpaca gloves because she has Reynard’s syndrome (low circulation in the extremities) and alpaca would be PERFECT for that, Kewyn’s sweater since his sister has one for this year, and baby things for EVERYBODY… (or at least my neighbor, a lady at work, and a certain grandmotherly sort whom I adore.) Slide in a pair of socks for no particular reason but next year’s Christmas and because I have enough sock yarn to do that, as well as a hooded scarf for myself and maybe a crocheted baby blanket for project Linus, and, well, I’ll be knitting until next year!

7. Wish everybody a happy holidays, in spite of the fact that I’ll be writing again on Wednesday.

8. Buy chicken for the Christmas Eve feast.

9. Help Mate wrap gifts–which I would have done last night had he not STILL BEEN PLAYING WOW until 1:00 a.m., and then he stayed up until 3:30 doing round 1 of the gift wrapping. He’s promised tonight he’ll let his old lady who seems to doze off around 12:30 stay up until the wee hours to help. I told him that if he doesn’t get his ass in gear, he’ll be wrapping everything at dark-freaking-thirty a.m. This will be fun because I bought the majority of the gifts about a month ago and Christmas morning will be as much a surprise for me as it will be for the kids!

10. Clean the house–or at least whip, beg, and cajole the useless teenagers I mean beloved older children to do the same.

11. Watch Chicken and Mate destroy the kitchen and blow up the blender. I mean, uhm, help them bake tomorrow.

12. Have I mentioned the knitting?

13. Go walking so my ass doesn’t get too big for standardized door frames before the end of break.

And on that note? Adieu!

0 thoughts on “Things to do things to do things to do…”

  1. Litchi says:

    Gawd…and I thought *my* To Do list was hectic!
    Good luck! ;-P

  2. TinkingBell says:

    Ah yes – have turkey and ham (cook turkey in 2 days – inc stuffing ) cook pudding, wrap last round of presents, ensure stocking stuff ready to go, put more champagne in fridge – I’ll need it to cope with Obsessive compulsive MIL and SIL (and noone in husbys family drinks – but Buggrem – It’s my christmas too – champagne will be opened same time as turkey goes on!

    Have a wonderful christmas – and a happy happy time!

  3. roxie says:

    We are snowbound. No travel, no tree, no hassles. I think I’ll just go back to bed. It’s an ill wind . . .

  4. Galad says:

    Wow – your list is long! I’m grateful I don’t have to do that middle of night wrapping anymore.

    Good luck and try to enjoy yourself along the way!

  5. Walk around the block for me as well, I’ve fallen off the wagon.

  6. ismarah says:

    Mine involved less knitting and cajoling, but did include a late paper to be handed in, all the christmas shopping, a funeral, and discovering how to make turkey and all the trimmings for the first time ever with the MIL as my guinea pig. I may been slightly cocky on that front…

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