Why I treasure my beta readers–

on July 30, 2009

With apologies to Littlewitch, she just sent me the following e-mail: Within a couple of paragraphs I got “like diaper ointment of my chafed mental ass” and “slicker than lube on a chrome anal probe” and I thought “I was a little surprised by the first and the second just upped the ante” But then… Read More

Books, glorious books!

on July 30, 2009

I knew it would happen… I just waited for the dragon to calm down, get over his usual tizzy fit and start pacing his cave and gnawing on human limbs in distraction. And then… and then… Someone else’s dragon moved in. *happy sigh* It’s a good dragon… fierce and full of snarky narration, terrible angst,… Read More

More randomness…

on July 28, 2009

Seriously– it’s like the impending doom of school (August 6th is when I go back on my own time, August 7th when I get paid, and August 10th when I start seen goombahs for real) is squishing all the wittiness right out of my skull. All I’ve got are random bits of summer as it… Read More

Upon Being Horton…

on July 25, 2009

It’s going to be random thoughts today. I keep thinking I’ve got some REALLY FUNNY STUFF to blog, and then I sit down to work on Jack & Teague and all personal shit goes bye-bye. I think my gray matter is damaged… uhm, anybody shocked? I didn’t think so. So, random thoughts… let’s fire ’em… Read More

Slime Story

on July 23, 2009

Today, after soccer/karate/etc., I complained about slugs. I’ve been seeing trails all over the house, and then, last night when i went to the bathroom, I stepped on TWO of them. *ooogie ooogie ooogie ooogie ooogie oogie* Of course, what I actually said was, “I stepped on them. They were LODGED IN THE CREASES OF… Read More

Fucking dragon…

on July 23, 2009

Okay, so NOW the dragon shuts up? That fucker has been roaring in my ear for WEEKS. Seriously… finished RAMPANT, knocked out a 17,000 words for dreamspinner, and jump right into Jack and Teague… and I’m stoked, right? FINALLY Katy gets a little, uhm, satisfaction in this segment, and I’m happy, right? And there they… Read More

Reasons to believe…

on July 21, 2009

Okay– sort of a weird couple of days. I’ve been writing along, waiting from word from my first two beta readers and searching for reasons why I write. I mean I KNOW why I write. The voices in my head won’t leave me alone–I might as well do something productive with them. I just mean…… Read More

A Day In Ratings

on July 18, 2009

Good evening Ladies and Gents. Today, I present A Day In the Bucket Rating Scale. You know how it works–it’s a lot like the Drew Carey Point system on This Show. In short, the points don’t really matter– if something sucks, it sucks in buckets. If something’s awesome, well that comes in buckets too. Weirdness… Read More

One or two things. Maybe five.

on July 16, 2009

Thing one: Okay–I gave it up. Without cutting a single excessive sex scene, I sent my baby out to my first two beta readers so they can tell me how excessive the sex scenes actually are. For two weeks, at least, I’m free–and happily working on Jack & Teague’s next adventure, ‘Changing’. Thing two: Today,… Read More