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Seriously– it’s like the impending doom of school (August 6th is when I go back on my own time, August 7th when I get paid, and August 10th when I start seen goombahs for real) is squishing all the wittiness right out of my skull. All I’ve got are random bits of summer as it slips between my fingers… bummer. I still need to write that essay on whether or not Brutus tops or bottoms when he and Cassius spend quality tent time. (Tops. He tops. I’m serious. I’ve got certifiable historical evidence that shows us that pissy little drama queens like Cassius would take it like good little soldiers, and Brutus would pity them.) Anyway, that, and small summer moments… it’s all that’s left, tragically, of a brain once over-inflated by it’s own good intentions and blithe self-belief.

But let’s talk about them anyway, yeah?

* Bless you, my beta readers, j’et adore. The minute my projects are ready for your capable hands, I’ll be sure to deliver.

* Yesterday, I was folding clothes and watching television, and Chicken was reading on the bed next to me. In the middle of this, the Cave Troll comes thundering down the hall, flings open the door, and shouts, “Chicken!” and then runs away. And that was all really. Chicken and I sort of gaped at each other and shrugged… I mean seriously… what the hell?

* Today, I was on the john (and don’t you love stories that start with that… holy crap…literally…talk about TMFI!) and Ladybug threw open the door with my jug of soda in her hands. “Mom! I’m gonna drink your soda!”

“Okay, fine,” I said evenly, and then pushed the door closed.

A minute later, she pushed the door open with her foot–since she’d just sort of sat back on the folded clothes and chugged ice-water & diet coke–and said, “Mom. Your soda is all gone. You need more.”

I had, as of yet, not accomplished the task I sat down to. Needless to say, I never did.

* She’s been in an odd mood all day anyway. She refused to come to the gym with me today. Just wanted to sit back and chill. I don’t know why. Apparently she threw quite the fit when we left, but when we got back? No particular reaction. I had to blackmail her to come with us to the craft store. She went, she found a craft (little wooden boxes, one for her and one for Cave Troll, to decorate with paint, stickers and glitter) and she and Cave Troll applied themselves assiduously for more than an hour. But she hasn’t been… focussed on any one thing. She is, in fact, currently sitting behind my chair, trying to pretend she hasn’t snuck out of bed past her bed time because she chugged my soda and went down for a nap and didn’t get any exercise. I’m not sure what’s up her craw, but the next time she says “I don’t want to go swimming,” I’m going to put her in that swimsuit, tuck her under my arm, and go!

* Cave Troll went swimming AND went to soccer practice. He was out like a light. I LOVE days like that.

* Mate’s coaching soccer. I feel so decadent… that means I don’t have to take Cave Troll, and for once, the Lane family is at practice on time!

* Oh yeah. Today was apparently hot-male-hardbody-by-the-pool day at the gym. If I’d known, I would have been sure to bring the PAPER BAG for my head! Poor guys… I was both the youngest AND the best looking woman there. I mean… all of that beefcake on display, and only a fat, cynical old cougar like myself to appreciate it. Had to have hurt. (But the Cave Troll thought I rocked–he likes it when I sing ‘California Girls’ to him at the pool. Heh heh… little perv.)

* Big T still working on that comic routine. I’m not looking for a catfood upgrade in my retirement from his proceeds–but he might get plenty of overripe produce if he’s desperate!

* I actually finished a pair of socks! Chicken was supposed to get you pictures but… alas… she put it off. I immediately started another pair of socks that AREN’T my roulette socks, because I’m a wiener who forgot I had my roulette sock to finish (NEXT sock I cast on… I PROMISE!!!) Julie keeps accusing me of being Tom Sawyer. It’s true… I’m an idea rat, mostly… not a lot of finishing power. (But I WILL finish that sock… for one thing, I LURVE the Ty-Dye yarn!)

And with that, Ciou!

0 thoughts on “More randomness…”

  1. Gotta love, best looking woman at the pool…

    I don't know how you can take all that time off, then go back to work. It's hard when I take four days off.

  2. roxie says:

    Hate to say it, but I bet the Bug is coming down with something. Either that, or it's a growth spurt.

    Why, for the love of Godness, does school start so freaking early for you? This is obscene!!

    May the final days of freedom be sweet. Ignore the impending doom. Revel in the time with the kids and spouse and don't, for Ghu's sake, waste any of it doing housework.

    Cassius and Brutus? Why them?

  3. Galad says:

    Enjoy the fleeting days of summer. You've certainly made the most of the time you had off!

    Yeah for Mate the soccer coach!

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