Happy happy…

on April 19, 2022

 So yes, I know Sunday was Easter, and we had a lovely one. Family at my mom’s house–we all brought something. It was also her birthday, so pretty much, the only thing she had to cook was a veggie tray–woohoo!  It was funny–I’d had my sister signed up for dessert of some sort, but that… Read More

Ten Things That Don’t Look Like Writing But Are

on April 4, 2022

 We’ve all seen the memes–Jim Carrey typing madly at the computer, looking possessed. The cat, paws flying, putting in that order for never-ending catnip. The old-style author, with the pipe and the whiskey and the old S-electric typewriter. Even the odd Shakespeare or Byron, with fingers stained with oak gall ink from the carved quill… Read More