Cold, cold hands

on December 29, 2017

So, last night my older children were going to come get me and take me to the movies–we all wanted to see The Shape of Water, and for some reason the grown kids thought Mom would be the best grownup to see it with. Right when we were gathering things to leave, Mate got a… Read More

An Amy Lane Christmas Anthology

on December 27, 2017

An AmyLane Christmas–e-book Bundle or paperback by Amy Lane So, a few thousand years ago (eight!) DSP published their first Amy Lane story– it featured an adorable kitten on the cover and it was called If I Must. And after that? Christmas stories just seemed to be my thing. Now some of the stories– Candy… Read More

Why Did the Snakes Cross the Road? Part 2

on December 23, 2017

So this is a continuation from yesterday’s post wherein I put random characters in the middle of a great snake migration for no other reason than to see what they would do.  Now, when I post these ficlets, there’s usually one or two naughty scenes, but this time… well… I was having trouble. I mean, my… Read More

Why Did The Snakes Cross the Road? Part 1

on December 22, 2017

So, why did the snakes cross the road? Well, in real life, to get from high ground to low ground, from a dry place to water, and then from flooding back to the dry place again. Seriously– there’s a place in Georgia where copperheads migrate twice a year. Fortunately it’s part of a national park,… Read More

From Gladiator to Idiot Dogs

on December 19, 2017

Geoffie got groomed today. It’s adorable. She got a free toy with the grooming, and while I’ve mostly given up on toys, I thought I’d give this one a spin. I wanted to see if the dogs could actually fetch. I was on the phone to Mate at the time–and after fifteen minutes of playing… Read More

Family Dinner

on December 19, 2017

So after my grandmother passed, my bio-mom’s side of the family has sort of… lost touch. It’s nobody’s fault really– grandma was our focus, and she was a woman of large personality and formidable will. Someone had to take charge, but she raised a  bunch of independent wandering souls– it’s been a conundrum. Anyway, my… Read More

Twas the week before Christmas…

on December 18, 2017

So seriously, if I was going to write the list of things yet to do I’d still be here at Christmas, writing.  So just little short takes tonight– some stuff that may be of interest to you… *  Re: The newsletter. It’s a learning curve. Everybody who’s entered their name for the newsletter by Dec…. Read More

Yonder Star–A Pierce and Hal Ficlet

on December 15, 2017

I promised y’all, right?  Here’s the first road trip ficlet from Regret Me Not.  * * * “Huh,” Hal said skeptically as he piloted his CR-V through the little suburban street. “You sound disappointed.” “And you sound tired,” Hal said, giving him a once-over at the light. The house was small and unassuming, and Hal… Read More

Pun-day and Fun-day!

on December 14, 2017

So, we finally decorated the tree today–we were going to do it last night, but it turns out the Christmas lights were almost thirty years old and decided they weren’t doing one more frickin’ tree. After the kids’ dental appointment, we went to Target–which was almost shopped out–and Squishy and I decided on the white… Read More

A brief recipe…

on December 12, 2017

So, tonight was our night to go get the Christmas tree–it’s currently hydrating in the appropriate corner, but not yet decorated. I thought I’d share our goofy little tree adventure–and my recipe for Instapot Chicken Bake, which I started before I left and was done when we got back. So… A. The Christmas Tree lot… Read More