From Gladiator to Idiot Dogs

Geoffie got groomed today. It’s adorable.

She got a free toy with the grooming, and while I’ve mostly given up on toys, I thought I’d give this one a spin. I wanted to see if the dogs could actually fetch.

I was on the phone to Mate at the time–and after fifteen minutes of playing with the dogs and the toy, throwing the toy, and having the dogs come lick my hand, I said:

“Those dogs we brought home won’t fetch.  They just stare at me, panting, and then lick my hand. You have given me idiot dogs.”

Mate thought it was hilarious.

That is all.

Oh– except this.

Squish washed her hair this morning and then left it unbraided.

And this happened.

And it’s so very very pretty.

I had to share.

I had hair like that once–and I remember people saying nice things about it–and I never said, “I hate it,” or “I wish it was blonde and straight.”  Because even when I was a kid I knew that we only get a few gifts, and I was just grateful for this one.

So is she–and that makes me happy.

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