Home again…

on February 28, 2018

All told, it took me 27 hours to get home. I left the hotel at 1:30 to catch a flight that was originally supposed to leave at 3:15 but had been pushed back to 4:15 and in the end didn’t leave until 6 or so. By the time it got to Charlotte, my connecting flight… Read More

Coastal Magic

on February 26, 2018

Hi all! Sorry so remiss about blogging– was trying to catch up on work at Coastal Magic and, well, busy! So, gonna do a mostly picture post… whee!!! This first whack of photos was taken at West Bradenton, which is mostly an island, and is, as such, beautiful. There’s also a picture of God Land… Read More

About Guns

on February 22, 2018

So… about that part in Bonfires, where the teacher talked the kid out of wielding the gun in the classroom? You all may not know that was inspired by a true event at the school where I used to teach, long after I left. A friend of mine who uses the same dance teacher told… Read More

Hiding the Moon, Part 12

on February 21, 2018

 So all– I’ve got a post about Coastal tomorrow, I think, but I just finished this, so you’re gonna get this right now. This is the prologue to A Few Good Fish, which I just submitted, and it’s also where I’m going to leave the Burton and Ernie story– which is what I’m going to… Read More

A Few Good Fish

on February 16, 2018

I just wanted to say… A. The title of the third Fish Book will be A Few Good Fish B. The book is done. (Okay, I’m adding a prologue tomorrow, but for argument’s sake I could just send it in now and say it will all come out in editing.) This is important because I… Read More

The mani-pedi-waffle-debacle

on February 14, 2018

I have to admit–I’m a little unfocused. I get this way before every convention, especially when there’s swag and traveling involved.  Planning an itinerary, stuff to ship, a schedule–my brain becomes the mother of all train wrecks, and I’ve done it enough times on the blog for you guys to know it’s for real. But… Read More

Kermit Flail February, Cover Reveal, and Update on Things to Come

on February 12, 2018

YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!  sorry I was late on the Kermit Flail, but I think it’s totally worth it. I hope you all don’t mind–I’m foregoing the little Kermit Flail bit on YouTube so the first cover on the flail can get all the visibility when its posted online–just an experiment, right? Anyway– I’ve got plenty of good news–Bobby… Read More

Hiding the Moon, Part 11

on February 12, 2018

I am actually finishing up  Fish Out of Water 3 (Road Fish) and I’m doing Avengers Swag Assemble too. (AKA, Amy’s little sweatshop.)  So, pretty busy weekend for a woman who didn’t go anywhere–but Burton and Ernie are about in the place where I’m wrapping them up and dropping them off at the beginning of… Read More

Hiding the Moon: Part 10

on February 9, 2018

 *waves* Okay– so just a reminder, the Johnnies books are on sale at Amazon, Kobo, and DSP until February 14th, and Bobby Green is out!  So far people are really loving Bobby and Reg–and I’m grateful! Also–if you have something for Kermit Flail, don’t forget to send it in–I can always use more Kermit Flail!… Read More

Yup, Still Going to Florida…

on February 7, 2018

So, still going to Coastal Magic the 22-25 of February, and we’re getting to Avengers Swag Assemble times as well as, “My toenails look like death” and “My roots are showing!” and, “Oh God… what am I wearing again?” So, you know, fun stuff. But this year, I almost forgot something real. I’m planning to… Read More