Yup, Still Going to Florida…

So, still going to Coastal Magic the 22-25 of February, and we’re getting to Avengers Swag Assemble times as well as, “My toenails look like death” and “My roots are showing!” and, “Oh God… what am I wearing again?”

So, you know, fun stuff.

But this year, I almost forgot something real.

I’m planning to fly into Florida on Sunday, and my friend Karen is going to pick me up and I’ll hang with her for two days (because yay!) and then we’ll drive to Coastal, because she’s going to play there too this year! (Yay!)


So I was looking for my itinerary…

And I couldn’t find it.

I mean, it had to be in G-mail, right?

I searched everywhere, under every heading. I remembered the airline, I remembered the time– no dice.

I had Mate search for it–he’d bought the ticket that night, I could swear it.

He searched our credit card history, nada.

I looked in my text string, found the the text to Karen–she even knew the flight number, so I’d sent it to her, but no dice.


Oh my God–were we hallucinating buying these tickets?


Mate booked me another flight, but I asked Karen if she could search her e-mail to see if she could find the original itinerary. We’re boggled. Where did it go? We could both clearly remember us, awake, working on our computers, multi-tasking with the plane tickets and other important things–but we couldn’t find the damned plane tickets.

I went back and double-checked the dates of the text string and thought, “Hunh. What were we doing January fourth, anyway?”

Then–for unrelated reasons–I went into documents to retrieve something, and looked at what I’d saved on that particular date.


Mate’s mother’s obituary and program memorial were there.

I was writing those things while he was putting together her photo montage.

Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhh. Aha.

Well, it’s a good thing I double-checked my itinerary for the hell of it. And the next time I’m working through something that extreme, I’ll remember to take nothing for granted.

I still asked Karen if she could look through her email when she got the chance. Because even if we didn’t buy the tickets and just sent her a tentative booking, it’s just SO WIERD that we can’t find a thing about it.

But like the title says, yup!

Still going to Florida!

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  1. Unknown says:

    My mother found herself re-reading books that had her initials saying she had already read them. She didn't remember them because it was during the time my father was dying.

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