High ten!

on June 30, 2017

Quick post tonight– Mate and I were watching season three of Miss Fisher’s mysteries. The initial setup was in a woman’s sanitarium.  A woman walked into the room, dropped her drawers, and cut to outside. The lights dimmed, and the woman is found dead, electrocuted. Someone onscreen said, “Was she reading with a lamp?” I… Read More

Manny Get Your Guy: Blog Tour

on June 29, 2017

  So, the blog tour of Manny Get Your Guy has started, and will continue into next week. Like I have in the past, I’m going to make a master post here, and update it on occasion when I get new dates. We’re in luck though, because as of this posting, four of the dates… Read More

Buttons and the Pit

on June 28, 2017

It was a lovely morning, so I took the kids and the dogs for a walk today. (I got tired of them becoming solids and playing video games… I remember that being a life goal, but my parents thwarted me too.) They enjoyed the walk, and I enjoyed them, and after we dropped the dogs… Read More


on June 27, 2017

* Note–this is political satire, and I’m really angry at our political system right now. The following is going to be gross, disgusting, and amoral–just like our GOP and the scabrous rancid treasonous sphincter pustule rotting in the White House. … Somewhere, in a fetid darkened closet, with a sticky floor and cum-rags that crackle,… Read More


on June 26, 2017

As I’ve grown older, I’ve developed a profound respect for those people who love the “unloveable”. The people who can look beyond the drawbacks of mental illness and see the person struggling to overcome it–and love them. The people who can look beyond a physical abnormality, or a personality defect, and see all that is… Read More

A Brief Announcement about GRL

on June 24, 2017

I’m sorry– I should have done this a while ago, but time got away from me. I had to withdraw from GRL this year. I had an opportunity to teach classes in a similar time frame, and as much as I love attending GRL, this was a chance to get back to do something I… Read More

Sliced Chicken

on June 23, 2017

 So I had very few goals for today. The mercury was supposed to hit 109, and for me, that means huddling in the air conditioning–and, more than that, keeping all but a few of the lights off and not using any major appliances until after 7. Brownouts are no joke and they’re not any damned… Read More

Quiet Summer Days

on June 22, 2017

ZoomBoy and Squish at Mate’s Kid’s to Work Day.They were all so proud–yes, including Mate. So yes, I forgot to blog last night. It’s just that… that… we don’t DO anything right now. I mean, my entire day is a quest to get the dogs out on their walks so I can get back before… Read More

The Next Generation

on June 20, 2017

So, the sun is trying to kill us dead today. I didn’t do much, but what I did do filled me with great pride because seriously–I wanted to be huddled in the air conditioning with a book trying to pretend our politicians weren’t rooting the sun right the fuck on. Anyway– left at 8:30 to… Read More

Poor Little Sausage…

on June 19, 2017

* First of all, thank you to everybody who saw the picture on FB and wished me and Mate a happy anniversary. We spent it apart because of recital, but then, that happens a lot this time of year.  We’re used to it. But we’re very glad to still be married, so that works well… Read More