Quiet Summer Days

ZoomBoy and Squish at Mate’s Kid’s to Work Day.
They were all so proud–yes, including Mate.

So yes, I forgot to blog last night.

It’s just that… that… we don’t DO anything right now.

I mean, my entire day is a quest to get the dogs out on their walks so I can get back before it’s 90 degrees and too hot on their little paws.


Today, I have some pictures, and I’ll caption them, and then go write, cause Bobby Green is going swimmingly, and I’m having so much fun!

Oh Mom! Do we have to go to the park AGAIN!

So here you go– a quiet summer day, in pictures. Everything but the pool, where we spent an hour, and it was too hot for the aqua instructor to teach.

Tomorrow, I may skip the dog’s walk. It’s supposed to be 110 tomorrow– which means it’s 90 degrees by nine in the morning, and, hey– that’s when it’s best for a dog to just run outside, pee, and come back in and pant at us like she’s accomplished something!

Here, ZoomBoy– grab my phone and take
a picture of that fire as we creep past.
Got it? Good.

In fact, my big thing tomorrow may be getting in and out of the grocery story before 9:30 a.m..  And then coming home and turning most of the lights off so the kids can watch TV and I can write in relative coolness.

*sigh* On FRIDAY I’ll get buttons for the sweater.

And in the meantime–enjoy the pictures!

According to directions, this orchid will thrive
if I deny it water, sunlight, and dignity.
Best plant I’ve ever had.
A boy and his floof. 

Chicken’s sweater–modeled by Squish,
is all done except for the buttons.
I bought the yarn in random quantities and
designed the sweater with what I had.
I’m insufferably pleased. 
All hail the magnificent Floof!

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