on February 29, 2016

Okay– so busy. Friday: Trip to the Crocker Art Museum as a chaperone–and hey, don’t think I didn’t almost get drafted as an Art Docent for the Crocker, because I shit you not, our actual docent offered Squish a job in jest, and then turned around and asked me why I hadn’t volunteered yet because… Read More

Scorched Haven– Part Two

on February 27, 2016

Okay– the trip to the museum was a success, and there will be pictures tomorrow 🙂 And I have good news! The Green’s Hill Werewolves are moving to DSPP. This is very generous of them– and I’ll be so happy to have all of The Little Goddess at home with my DSP family. So yay!… Read More

When you run out of words…

on February 26, 2016

Knit! Seriously– All of my stresses at the moment feel sort of private–or things of which I must speak at length, and I have no time. All of my happies are small.  Maybe just small enough to list… *  I finished this pair of fingerless mitts. They probably need blocking, but right now, they’re perfect…. Read More

A Thing

on February 25, 2016

So I am knitting–like I do. I am mak ing a thing. It’s one of my favorite things to make, and I use variations on the theme almost every time I make it. It’s a pair of fingerless gloves. It was originally a sock–but I screwed up.  I mean, socks– I’ve made a zillion of… Read More

Shh… be vewy vewy quiet… I’m hunting typwos…

on February 24, 2016

So, I’m doing the edits for Rampant at the moment. They’re going fairly well, but I also have a deadline coming up in March, and in a week, I’m headed to Florida for the DSP event. Oh! And trying to figure out swag and my RT schedule so I can have s hit ordered when… Read More

A Rogue With a Brogue

on February 23, 2016

I love this book title– isn’t it delicious? Just for fun I looked it up and it’s by Suzanne Enoch— a Scottish Highland Romance, and it looks wonderful. But that’s not why I mention it. (Although there you go, Suzanne, a free plug, via the nice lady at my gym.) See, I was at aqua… Read More

Exploding Kittens

on February 22, 2016

Sort of a potpourri tonight– here we go! *  I opened my one box shipped from Coastal Magic and retrieved my box of Exploding Kittens.  I need to remember to have the kids give this game to my mom the next time they go. I believe much hilarity will ensue. * The reason I opened the… Read More

Scorched Haven

on February 21, 2016

So, I’m in the middle of editing Rampant, and the editor– who has not read The Green’s Hill Werewolves, says, “Who are Jack and Teague, and why don’t you have any backstory?” Well, she doesn’t have any backstory because of publishing difficulties with a pub NOT DSP, but that gets me thinking. A long time… Read More

Left, right, left, right LEFT!

on February 19, 2016

So, the plan was to take the kids to the Crocker Art Museum today, because they often have interactive stuff for kids and because, hey, art museum! There are worse ways to spend a day out of school, right? But I had plans to take Darrin the Triane’s Son books– his daughter appears at the… Read More

Quoed by a Pro

on February 18, 2016

So first of all, the Backlist Ba-Dump-Bump got a great response– I would love to do it some more. Readers, if you have an author you’d like me to feature–ask them about the history of your favorite book and tell them to hit me up! I do like how much people loved this idea–I’d like… Read More