Shh… be vewy vewy quiet… I’m hunting typwos…

So, I’m doing the edits for Rampant at the moment. They’re going fairly well, but I also have a deadline coming up in March, and in a week, I’m headed to Florida for the DSP event. Oh! And trying to figure out swag and my RT schedule so I can have s hit ordered when I get back.

And I’m chaperoning Squish’s field trip on Friday.

So… a wee bit busy, eh?


Today was one of those hyper productive days at work that don’t lend themselves to blogging. I DID take a number of meaningless domestic photos, so I’m going to put them up with adorable captions, and run away to edit, type, and maybe knit…

I didn’t say I was a noble creature, just that I work a lot!

So– This is Squish on a bright February day. See that hair? I didn’t have my glasses on and I spotted her from fifty yards away. THAT is some special hair right there.

And to our right, we have Bowling for Turkeys! Geoffie wanted to play this game so bad, but I kept her on the leash anyway. Dudes. She’s a small dog and not that bright. The turkeys would have won.

And here we have two psychos in a craft store–or, alternatively titled, how the kids found mom’s deepest darkest psychosis in Michael’s. I won’t sleep well for weeks!

To the right, we’ve got Geoffie, who is sad because she’s locked outside. Except she’s not. The door is wide open. I don’t know why she’s sad, but I may have mentioned her teeny tiny brain.

And here is Geoffie again, sleeping with her head in the least comfortable place ever. This could explain the teeny tiny brain–or maybe it’s just another side effect. I guess since she’s a teeny-tiny dog, I shall have to do her thinking for her.

And to the left, we’ve got the fam, since they haven’t been in too many pictures as of late. Notice Squish’s attempts to fend off the paparazzi, and ZoomBoy working on that insanity plea. Also notice Chicken’s cat, who has decided he wants to be part of the family again. *evil laughter*

Little does he know, he has a vet’s appointment scheduled the week after I get back from Florida. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. That’ll teach the cat to lick Mate’s head while I’m sitting right there.

And I’m running away now to work… *smishes* Amy out!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Maybe in a past life Geoffie was an ascetic and is remembering meditating or sleeping on a bed of nails.

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