The Evolution of Chocolate Covered Broccoli

on August 28, 2013

Okay, for starters, Chicago was FABulous!  And amazing and fun and… I mean, it’s been a long time since I was in the theater, but I remember so much of it, like I never left.  What’s funny is, I think I could be a much better actress now, because I’ve developed a little more presence,… Read More

And another dollop of random!

on August 25, 2013

 Okay– let’s start with the obvious. Reese Dante– she’s the artist.  And she’s obviously talented, and she obviously gets my guys.  And these are my guys, and they’re gorgeous. Ethan in Gold will be out in October, in time for GRL, and of course there will be buy links etc. posted here, and on Twitter,… Read More


on August 22, 2013

Okay, so let’s do random today, okay? *  This is going on tonight: Interview with Amy Lane — 4 P.M. Thursday, Pacific Standard Time, which means if you have Google Chat you can tune in and say hi.  If you don’t, it’ll be uploaded to and that’ll be, uhm, posterical.  (It so TOO should be a… Read More


on August 19, 2013

The air is “unhealthy” today.  There is a fire in the foothills, it’s over 102 degrees with 25% humidity, and basically?  Who needs fire-flavored gum, we’ve got the air!   It’s so bad that Squish and Zoomboy didn’t get an outside recess.  My eyes are burning from inside the house, and the idea of cooking… Read More

Wolves and Waves: A Guest Post from LE Franks

on August 17, 2013

Okay– I’m biased.  LE Franks came and knit with me– in fact, she was the first person to try on Chicken’s sweater. Anyway, she claims I helped inspire some of her madness, and I’m sound with that.  I mean, to be told that you helped someone write a book?  That’s sort of amazing.   So… Read More

Power Post

on August 15, 2013

Okay, so school starts tomorrow for the little kids, and, well, five whole people heard me whine about how I haven’t crammed enough fun in this summer for them, so let’s have a list of what we’ve done for the past three days, shall we? *  School shopping with my step mom * Soccer *… Read More

Winner, losers, and random numbers

on August 11, 2013

*drumroll please* And the winner is… LIZ!  Liz, darlin’, #10 on the comments, you won the free copy of City Mouse/Country Mouse.  Give me a buzz at amylane AT greenshill DOT com, and send me your address, kay? And WOW, that weekend went by quickly. First there was the interview for Write on the Edge,… Read More

Write on the Edge

on August 8, 2013

Hello, all– I’m… okay.  So it was like this. I was up until all frickin’ hours of the night, editing Ethan Gold, when suddenly I heard a chatbox open.  Oh crap– who’s up right now? Check the two e-mails, and oh, wait, it’s FB.  Oh!  Hi, Wt Prater— howyadoin?  Now, Wt is one of those… Read More

What Was That?

on August 5, 2013

*  The road to Monterey is dark and eerie, and the moon is hiding behind the misty mountain in front of Gilroy.  I am knitting in the dark, we are listening to The Bravery playing The Ocean, and there is a noise. “What was that?” “I don’t know, but something cold is dripping on my… Read More

Life is a Bag of Dicks

on August 2, 2013

You’ve had those days, right?  THOSE days?  The ones where you have a bright, shining moments of fun waiting for you… If only you can wade through the bullshit to get there? Yeah. Today was one of those.  But worry not– I’ve got a bag full of, uhm, interesting stories to pull out for you,… Read More