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Okay, so school starts tomorrow for the little kids, and, well, five whole people heard me whine about how I haven’t crammed enough fun in this summer for them, so let’s have a list of what we’ve done for the past three days, shall we?

*  School shopping with my step mom

* Soccer

* Swimming at the pool with kids one last time

* Dance

*  Ignoring laundry

*  Soccer

*  Grocery shopping

*  Grocery shopping again because I realized that the first time, I bought vitamin water.  The second time, I needed things for school lunches and breakfast out the door and after school snacks.  There is a very different way to shop when school is in session, one that doesn’t rely nearly as much on Chicken McNuggets and giant diet cokes.

*  Edit

* Dealing with family stuff and stupid mental health care disarray and the consequences of taking someone off antipsychotics after they’ve been on them for nearly 40 years.

*  Soccer

*  Edit.

*  Write special guest post for Cherie about promoting a new book!

*  Dance

* Edit

*I’m giving away a free copy of Sidecar HERE. 

*  Write some Dawson.

*  Edit

*  Make sure the kids have packed their backpacks for tomorrow.

*  Edit

*  Introduce Squish to Chicago, and teach her all the words to When You’re Good to Mama.

*  Cook dinner

*  Realize you dumped wormy rice in your chicken stock.  Cook pizza.

*  Edit

*  Wonder how you’re going to fit all this stuff in while shuttling kids back and forth.

*  I’ve got an interview about alpaca ranching HERE.

*  Wonder where the summer went, and why you didn’t spend as much time as you wanted to with your kids as a whole.

*  Send them to bed with hugs and tears and one last admonition to have their clothes and their backpacks ready.

*  Sit down to edit just a little bit sadder than you did three nights ago.

*  Wonder where the time goes.

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  1. Great interview for the knitting series. They are a favorite of mine and i reread them often. Cant wait for more of them… would love another green's hill (hint hint) book cory's been prego forever.

  2. roxie says:

    Time flies whether you're having fun or not, so you may as well enjoy the ride.

    The writing takes as much time as (gasp) a REAL job. Probably because it IS a real job.

    There is never enough time to do it all. Yo do most of it and you do it damn well.

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