… but the sweater is done.

on February 25, 2019

I’m feeling mildly better–but the only–and I mean ONLY thing I did over the last two days was pack, edit, and finish Mate’s sweater. Now, Friday night I read at the Lavender Library, and Saturday morning I had a chapter meeting where I got to see Anna J. Stewart and hear Sheryl Lister’s rather amazing… Read More

Ugh… I get on a plane when?

on February 22, 2019

So, Squish and Mate have been sick ALL WEEK, and they’ve shared. Last night I started taking Zicam and Motrin and spiking a fever and I’m EXHAUSTED but I can’t sleep and I have a reading tomorrow and a meeting on Saturday and I need to fold clothes and pack in the meantime. *sniffle* I’ll… Read More

Do your balls hang low…

on February 20, 2019

So, Mate and I were watching TV tonight and I had a sudden urge to talk about a book I turned in a month ago. Yeah, right? I don’t do this often, because as proud of I am of what I do for a living, I also tend not to inflict my imaginary people on… Read More

Fun With Maths and Engineering

on February 19, 2019

Okay– you have to click the link. THIS LINK HERE.  DO YOU SEE THAT? Like, OMG– it’s a baby jacket made in two pieces. By crocheting a SIX-SIDED SQUARE, each side with a right angle. Which is like… you know, WAY TOO MANY ANGLES. So, when you fold this six-sided thing, something magical happens. Something… Read More

*runs around with hair on fire*

on February 18, 2019

So, was GOING to spend all day working on the Shitty Craft Book– spent it working on swag instead. The good news is, part of my swag is Suitcase Sachets, made wit Scentsy– and it smelled REALLY good. But other than that, I’ve got bits and bobs–and a pressing need to write 3K tonight after… Read More

Waiting, Sweetheart, Waiting… A Jai/George Installment

on February 15, 2019

“George… George? Hello, are you going to give me that tablet?” George looked up from outer space and pulled himself back to the ICU. “Yeah, Amal– here.” Amal Dara was George’s supervisor–it was his job to check out George’s paperwork from his shift. Off duty, they were friends. They’d tried dating–once–but both had agreed that… Read More

Rain, Rain…

on February 14, 2019

So, it’s been raining here pretty steadily all day. Chicken and I went to take the dogs to the park and found that all the walkways near the little stream were flooded–as Chicken told the dogs, “It’s a Chihuahua death trap there, guys, and we want you to live!” So, super short walkies, obviously no… Read More

Familiar Demon

on February 12, 2019

 So, tomorrow is the release day of Familiar Demon, and I have to say– I was SO DAMNED EXCITED to go back to my old stomping grounds of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. The first book– Familiar Angel-–was about Harry and Suriel, and I wanted it to be a cross between Hawaii 5-0 and Romeo and… Read More

10 Interesting Things About Working Late

on February 8, 2019

10–You stop needing your nap and time becomes relative. 9–Second dinner becomes a thing, but it’s eaten standing up in front of the pantry as you imagine what you were doing. 8–WHO STOLE MY GLASS OF WATER? Oh. Just empty. I’ll get it in a minute. (One Hour Later…) WHO STOLE MY GLASS OF WATER??… Read More

Oops! Sorry about that!

on February 7, 2019

I literally forgot to blog last night. See, what happened there was this… I spent all day in second revisions for the Shitty Craft Book and saved the evening after the family went to bed to do some serious writing on Fish. And then, at 11:30 pm, I stopped what I was doing and said,… Read More