*runs around with hair on fire*

So, was GOING to spend all day working on the Shitty Craft Book– spent it working on swag instead. The good news is, part of my swag is Suitcase Sachets, made wit Scentsy– and it smelled REALLY good. But other than that, I’ve got bits and bobs–and a pressing need to write 3K tonight after I’m done blogging. Don’t mind the snippets here folks, I can hardly hold a complete thought in my widdle bwain.


We got home from the grocery store and saw Dewey sitting on the porch, staring at us with what ZoomBoy calls his judging face.

Me: Oh my goodness, lookit dat FLOOF!

Mate: That is the dumbest cat we’ve ever had.

Me: No! He’s just composed!

Mate: Bullshit! That face right there? The face ZoomBoy calls his judging face?

Me: Yes–isn’t he cute?

Mate: That’s the face someone makes when they’re listing to the sound of the wind whistling between their ears!

Me: OMG!

Mate: *whistles* whhhhooooooooooooooooooooosh……

Sadly enough, I’ll never look at that cat the same way again.


While Mate and I did Avenger’s Swag Assemble (also known as Amy Lane’s little sweatshop) we watched The Umbrella Academy– first six episodes. OMG. At first we were like, “Hey, it’s like, the Avengers meets the Royal Tenenbaums” and then we realized that we had the Royal Tenenbaums right, but the crossover film would be Looper. And it’s really good. And stylized. And ironic. And rip-your-heart-out. And dark. Really really fuckin’ dark. But we loved it, and it kept us good company as we worked on swag for SIX HOURS.


The kids gave the dogs baths.

The funny part was Geoffie, who was SO JEALOUS. “All those OTHER dogs are getting attention, why aren’t *I* getting attention? Huh? Huh? Huh?”  And then she got a bath and she was SO HAPPY!!!!!

Dogs are weird. That dog is more me than any human I know.


Mate and I went out to dinner Friday night because it was February the 15th, and February the 14th is for amateurs. Anyway– dinner was WONDERFUL, but the funniest part was our waiter.

He looked like Dex.

I mean, he lOOKED LIKE DEX.

And he had a Dex voice.

And I was so distracted.

“He looks like Dex!” I squeaked. “Like from my books.”

“I know who Dex is,” Mate said dryly.

“You do?”

“Yeah. I do.”

And then I was no longer distracted, because Mate knows who Dex is.


Squish keeps getting upset because her YA novels don’t end on an HEA. I keep giving her my old Harlequins instead.

I think this is how a lot of us started reading romance.

Because dammit, we wanted to be happy at the end.

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