Back to School Night

on August 30, 2019

So, if you have four children, each going to public school for thirteen years a piece, that’s a grand total of… *does math in head* FIFTY-TWO back to school nights that you and your spouse are bound to attend, plus or minus a few for the time one of the kids attended a block schedule… Read More


on August 29, 2019

So when I had Big T, my mother-in-law and I had not quite reached the understanding we had in those last years. But still, she showed up with books for me to read as I recuperated. Amanda Quick, Julie Garwood, Bertrice Small– I hadn’t read romance since college (admittedly not THAT far in my rearview… Read More

…and family…

on August 27, 2019

After a long day of rest yesterday, the family was back in full swing today… sort of. We’re all still a little punch drunk and a little tired from the weekend, and, gotta admit it, I’m so far under I had the following conversation w/my editor: “So, about this project–is it still on your radar?”… Read More

One dance at a time

on August 26, 2019

So, most of you know about my kids’ yearly dance recital. This year, it was a little different–usually it’s in June, but this year, the facility was having problems and the recital got put back to the last week of August, and oi! The last two weeks have been rough. Squish has started fall soccer,… Read More

Baseball Socks

on August 22, 2019

So, when I was in the eighth grade, I tried out for every sport our school had. Volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball–I was the third string in every team. No, in case you’re asking. The school wasn’t that big. We had a basketball team of nine girls–six in the first string, two in the second, and… Read More

Fall Through Spring…

on August 21, 2019

So, Fall Through Spring is up for presale, and it has occurred to me that I was pretty tightlipped about this project when I was working on it, and that you all might want a teeny little nip… Also, you might want to say goodbye to the old covers, because as soon as we get… Read More

I Wonder if I could market this class…

on August 20, 2019

So, Mate and I went to a party the other night–most of the guys who got mentioned in HomeBird were there, and one of the things I really love about these guys and their significant others is that they’re so much fun about what I write. They get it. Romance with gay male leads. Not… Read More


on August 16, 2019

So, I got to queue with my editor today–that was fun. It was also, fyi, the only really interesting thing I did. It was literally too hot to take the dogs for a walk and it threw into sharp relief how behind shit I am. I spent a lot of my day actually writing–go figure!… Read More


on August 14, 2019

Little Old Ladies in the Pool–Redux There are a few of us who are diehard liberals–we know each other and we float in packs like a wrinkled raft. One of my diehard liberals was beating the water in a frenzy today. She was furious. She’d spent the weekend with in-laws who were staunch supporters of… Read More

Now Available: Paint it Black

on August 13, 2019

The seeds to this book were in the original–but they were buried deep. For those of you who read the extras from Beneath the Stain (THEY CAN BE FOUND HERE) you may have seen the signs. The day Mackey’s mother got the letter that Mackey wrote in rehab, she was with a potential suitor–whom she… Read More