Of an age…

on June 30, 2020

So Mate and I, in our ever ongoing quest to find decent TV we haven’t already watched–and our love of British Crime drama– have stumbled over Scott and Bailey, and it is a gem! It stars Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones–both big British actresses that the US has been sorely cheated out of–as two female… Read More

Some high points of an inconsequential week…

on June 27, 2020

It’s funny how much we look forward to small stuff right now! First off, on Father’s Day, we took ice cream to my Dad. That was it. Three of us, two of them, out on the back porch, and Mate selected five pints of ice cream–we had a buffet. It was amazing, low risk, and… Read More

A Brief Meditation on Good Dads…

on June 21, 2020

So, true story… My phone defaults to the first song on my iTunes when I hit the go button on my earbuds. It’s a new thing–new ear buds, new phone, but it’s disconcerting, because I’ll be in the middle of a romantic suspense story and I hit the go button and…  Default song.  But more… Read More

About COVID…

on June 15, 2020

I’ll be honest. There’s shit I want to do. I want to go swimming–oh my God, do I miss swimming. I miss the pool, I miss the solidarity of our aqua group, I miss the way it burned calories and the things it did for my body. Two days before quarantine I got possibly my… Read More

In totally random news…

on June 9, 2020

I’ll be honest– this entire post hinged on photos, which my phone is refusing to send to my computer. *sigh* I’ll post the info anyway, and maybe, eventually, I can get the photos online. *  Squish turned in her books today and graduated from the 8th grade! She got to the school, handed off her… Read More

Snack in the Box

on June 3, 2020

I’ve been reaching out to friends who might be especially hurt by national events at the moment–and by, of course, the asinine response from the shit encrusted festering pustule on the taint of the country that some people call the president. The general consensus is they’re beyond exhausted, and beyond depressed. Ditto.  And while Mate… Read More