Some high points of an inconsequential week…

It’s funny how much we look forward to small stuff right now!

First off, on Father’s Day, we took ice cream to my Dad. That was it. Three of us, two of them, out on the back porch, and Mate selected five pints of ice cream–we had a buffet. It was amazing, low risk, and it made us all super happy. 
Second off, Mate and I were in full morning political rant when we were driving up to the dog-walking park. I’ve mentioned before how really unpopulated this park is, and it has remained so over the last five months. Well, as we were driving up to the park we were pissed and unhappy (because politics!) and we saw a french bulldog, in full run, chasing a red ball that was three times bigger than he was. HE WAS SO HAPPY!!! 
I went, “Ohmigod!” and Mate went, “Heh,” and it was like the atmosphere in the car lightened up three whole gravities. 
It was awesome. I recommend french bulldogs chasing dogs as the cure for all kinds of evils now.
Third off, we went to the lake!  
Social distance was not a problem– there was a good twenty feet between us and the nearest group of lake people, and we could walk to the water and take off swimming without coming as much as twelve feet from our fellow humans. And it was sunshine and water and I got to swim! We packed PB&Js and sodas and… wow. It’s amazing how much happier we were when we got back. It was like summer hadn’t completely passed us by!
Fourth off, we’re getting a new washing machine!
Okay, this isn’t a win. There’s no way I can spin (get it!) this into a win, but the damned thing just… died. Like, died! One minute it sounded like two robots humping and the next minute one of the robots came and then died. 
With smell. 
So, fortunately they’re on sale right now, but Mate feels badly. The drier has broken down several times, and Mate was able to repair it with a couple of visits to the hardware store and some time on YouTube. But he did his research on YouTube this time and was like, “No–I got to the part where they were $300 in parts in, and realized that they were only halfway done.”
But I’m spending tomorrow folding the clean clothes (the pile is… impressive) while Mate and the kids clean out the garage.
Not really a win, no, but I asked if we wanted to get a new drier, so they could match, and we both went, “Mm… no. That feels like a slap in the face to the poor old thing. It just keeps going and going and going….”  Because seriously–drier is 22 years old. We’re on our second washer in that time.
If it’s going to sound like robots humping, you think they’d spawn and leave a replacement, right?
So that’s it! Not a bad week, really–aside from ZoomBoy scraping the topside of his foot on a rock at the lake, which was sort of a bummer. 
Hope you all have a happy one! 
Oh! I forgot Kermit Flail in June, but am definitely planning one the first Monday in July–That’s the sixth! so lots to look forward to–yAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

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