I’ve been bought for my birthday:-)

on September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to me… mostly, it really has been. Lots of virtual good wishes, lots of good will–even the students saw my “Happy Birthday Amy Lane” post on the board and said nice things. (I even actually wrote ‘Amy Lane’–and they all knew who that was:-) I’ve been a little tired and a little, ’41…. Read More


on September 28, 2008

Thanks, Knit-tech!!! Your result for The What type of MAN turns you on Test… Classic scorcher You have picked my personal favorite type of man. Yes, man, not boy. The all-American and then some. You admire a buff body and manly features but someone who knows how to bathe himself and even though he’s a… Read More

How to have a technocolored geek-gasm

on September 27, 2008

A. Be nobody and have your own book signing. (Yay!) B. Bring Big T and Chicken on day two and have all your friends show up! (YAY!!!) C. And no one else. (Awwwww….) D. But tour the convention center anyway! (YAY!) E. And have one of your most irrepressible friends and her adorable, buoyant, happy… Read More

Where did we park the invisible boatmobile?

on September 25, 2008

OKay, honestly? I have nothing to talk about on the above mentioned topic, but I sat down to type and that’s what they were saying on Spongebob–it MUST be appropo of something. Chicken had a wonderful birthday (as she told me) and enjoyed her dark and twisted graphic novel as well as her special copy… Read More

Almost Human

on September 23, 2008

I’m having a major, hardcore crisis of faith in myself as a writer (unfortunate timing, that) but I’m pretty sure I’ll recover. Besides my normal bitching, whining, and public gibbering in a corner about my stresses and artistic shortcomings, about once a year I get a ‘I shouldn’t be doing this!!!!!!!’ burr up my ass…. Read More

It’s lame but it’s mine…

on September 22, 2008

Cory:Back off! The man-gods are mine! by teronangel Design Custom T-Shirts At zazzle.com It’s not actually the one I’m wearing this weekend–it’s more like the ‘new and improved version’. But it’s still lame. And it’s still mine:-) (And there should be a back to it, as well:-) ***edited to add–if you click the link, you… Read More

A drive by blogging… (or a blog-by driving?)

on September 21, 2008

*Long day, filled with snot, naps, soccer and shopping. Everybody now has long pants/sleeve shirts for what passes for winter in the valley. This is good, because we have no money left, and I hear cotton is edible. Seriously–the clerk rang up the receipt and I said, straightfaced, ‘Well that took care of my little… Read More

Blogging on and copping out

on September 19, 2008

Okay– I’ll be honest. I’m a little tired, a little sick, and talking about my day doesn’t appeal to me-my kid’s babysitter moved to bumfuck mongolia so my commute time just got longer, I lost my make-up and I had two zits on my face that were the reason cover up was invented, and dammit,… Read More

Thanks, Donna Lee!

on September 17, 2008

loved this quiz–but all things considered, I’d rather go to the Gypsy family. Your result for Reincarnation Placement Exam… Holy Land 52% Intrigue, 44% Civilization, 57% Hedonism, 92% Spirituality, 74% Romance, 62% Crowded, 35% Busy. It’s the Holy Land for you! You were very difficult to place. You like civilization and humanity, but you don’t… Read More

Week 6 Hooky.

on September 16, 2008

You all know how I feel about week six–week six is the slough of despond, the depth of the pit, the bottom bend of the tunnel underneath the demon’s ass. This was week six. Last night, the Cave Troll had a grand scale melt down about whether or not he would sleep in our room…. Read More