Writer Down!

on October 29, 2008

Okay–whose idea was it to put huge limitations on the human body? Seriously? I’ve been writing…WRITING for the sake of heaven–not running or jumping or beating up small mammals or hunting prehistoric arctic bear, and for the last few days I’ve been waking up to a back and shoulders who are saying, in collective harmony,… Read More

Well, I knit…

on October 27, 2008

Okay–remember that seminar I joked about last week? Yeah… well we got part of that today. I was lucky. I got there late, sat outside and listened to the the sound the bullshit made as it hit the bleachers, and knit under the one spot in the foyer with a broken light. But I got… Read More


on October 26, 2008

Hullo! Let me start by saying that my last posts was inspired by everyday life at the grindstone–no particular moment or person, just a lot of them lumped together. As Donna Lee said–we’ve ALL been to that seminar!! And as for today’s blog? Not much to report, really. I was going to clean the kitchen… Read More


on October 23, 2008

Hi! I’d like to welcome you all to our seminar on Tantric-Mommy-Teacher-Yoga…are we all assembled? Now, I know why five of you are here–it seems as though you are having troubles getting along with young Rectum Hemrrhoid, and Mrs. Hemrrhoid seemed to feel this seminar was in your best interest. And you–yes, you in the… Read More

Rabbit Holes

on October 22, 2008

My eyes are like hot little coals, boring into my oatmeal mushpan brain, so it’s probably going to be a very quick blog! Firsts–Roxie’s socks knocked my socks off!! I was the recipient of a drive by soxing on Friday, and I could not be more tickled… I seem to have squandered my one picture… Read More

I’m a writing coma, who’th’hell’re’you?

on October 19, 2008

Seriously–20 pages of Teague & Jack in two days–I’m barely able to converse with my native species, much less blog. (For newcomers, Teague & Jack are relatively, uhm, raw…I’m afraid of what part of their story I’ll just start blurting out!) Anyway, my document handler is totally spazzing out–you’d think I had six or seven… Read More

Weird shit

on October 17, 2008

OKay–a drive-by blogging here. First off– yeee! Lots of replies in the comment box–I can’t wait to put the names in the hat, but I’ll leave the contest open until Sunday and then pull out a winner! Second off–I almost hit a flock of ducks flying through an intersection this morning. They were crossing against… Read More

Hullo, 500!!!

on October 15, 2008

And really, that’s all I gots… Okay, I lied. I’ve gots a little more. First of all, someone really likes me! Jen B gave me an ‘I Love The Blog’ award, and since my blog is devoid of bells, whistles, and practically pictures of any sort, I’ve got to say I was tickled beyond measure…. Read More

Sing it with me…

on October 13, 2008

Just… just watch it, that’s all… (Don’t worry–kid and work friendly!)

Forgive me, I don’t usually discuss politics.

on October 12, 2008

*Note–for some reason 1/2 this post got deleted before the first post–I went back and added the first part again, so if you read it in the interim, double check. It makes more sense now!) I really don’t (discuss politics that is) although most of you have figured that I’m sort of rabidly left-wing. (I’m… Read More