Let me start by saying that my last posts was inspired by everyday life at the grindstone–no particular moment or person, just a lot of them lumped together. As Donna Lee said–we’ve ALL been to that seminar!!

And as for today’s blog? Not much to report, really. I was going to clean the kitchen table–that was my BIG goal for today. At this moment, it’s at 50% crap-pacity, but 50% isn’t clear, so I guess I just completely screwed THAT pooch, didn’t I?

Anyway, I did manage to go shopping (forgot cat food!), get a pumpkin (which we can’t carve until I clean the kitchen table!), and visit the yarn store (where I spent $15 more than I told my husband I would, when we really can’t afford it!!).

*sigh* If it wasn’t for the montage you-tube video on SmartBitches/Trashybooks, my day really would have been a complete waste of time! (For those of you who have seen the video montage for Friday–can we all just say *sigh*?)

But there are some small things to report– The Cave Troll’s LAST soccer game was Friday, canyagimmehalllelujiaamen? Amen! And it was none too soon–I heard a couple of parents loudly discussing Proposition 8 (at this point the number one thing that embarrasses and humiliates me about my home state) and how OF COURSE they were voting yes, and I had a sudden urge to move to Canada. Mate said yes, but first we had to pull out of the housing slump so we could get enough money from this house to rent an apartment somewhere else. To quote Bruce Willis? Fucking’ California. Anyway, all of my embarrassment about my writing coma verbal diarrhea has gone bye bye. Hell–if I’m the weirdest person they’ve ever met, maybe they need to get out of the suburbs, ya think?

And speaking of the Cave Troll, I must have let his name drop on a couple of blogs, because another person named ‘Kewyn’ just e-mailed me asking where I got the name. It seems he always wanted to know. Well, glad I could give him an answer, because he was told it meant ‘quiet’ and really, wouldn’t THAT be a cruel thing to name a kid?

And speaking of the Ladybug (okay, for the record? We’re ALWAYS speaking of Ladybug. She really is at that age where every smile is gold.) I was in the kitchen writing and she was sitting on the floor, conspiring with her brother for ways to drive me batshit (okay–YOU tell me what they were talking about!) when suddenly she SHRIEKED and HOLLERED and SCREAMED! SPIDER SPIDER SPIDER SPIDER BAD SPIDER MAKE IT GO MAKE IT GO MAKE IT GO!!!!

And the Cave Troll grabbed his book and squash-ted it like an arachnid. I was so proud of him– just like his mama. The screaming like a girl and crying when the Daddy Longlegs walks down the wall? THAT was 100% Mate.

Oh yeah– I made her a hat to go with the poncho. She really does look like she could turn the world on with her smile:-) (Okay–that joke would go better with a pix, which I haven’t taken. Let’s just say she looks like a toddler version of Mary Tyler Moore at her most Georgie Girl:-)

And now, off to watch TV and knit hats for the Cave Troll’s soccer coaches. Because I can.

0 thoughts on “Normalcy”

  1. Galad says:

    Congrats on surviving soccer season once again! Now you just have to prepare for the holidays in your spare time 🙂

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Halleluiah for the end of soccer (for me it was soccer for one and field hockey for the other) season. I would race home from work and take out my chair and sit somewhere alone so I could watch the game in peace. On nice, warm, sunny autumn days, I miss those games. On the cold, windy rainy yucky ones, I’m glad I have adults!

  3. roxie says:

    Oh, thank God for the end of soccer season! It’s so good for the kids to play, but the price in time, boredom and frustration paid by loving parents is horrendous. Course, investment in the kids beats investment in real estate these days.

    Yay CaveTroll the slayer!

  4. Louiz says:

    Kathryn hates spiders… and I thought she’d hurt herself the first time I heard her yelling about a spider…

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