Desperate Porn-Writing Housewives

on August 31, 2011

Okay– I don’t write porn, you all know I don’t, but it’s so much fun to get everyone’s attention that way! And, well, it does make the story better. So I had to give up my work out this morning because the phone repair guy was coming, right? (And if I was a MILF instead… Read More

Poetry, History, and Philosophy

on August 28, 2011

Poetry is more important than history or philosophy. Aristotle This is Andrew and Ariel– they went to Book Expo of America for my publisher, Dreamspinner, this year, back in May. While they were there, a friend of mine from the Paranormal Romance Guild, another writer, Marianne Morea, saw my name, and said, “I know Amy!”… Read More


on August 25, 2011

School: day four *crosses eyes* Okay– have I mentioned that whole “no such thing as a non-working mother” thing? YIKES! I mean… seriously. YIKES! Last three days have been a NIGHTMARE of run errands–and I’m declaring today a day off of aqua aerobics just so I can get some work done. And in the meantime,… Read More


on August 22, 2011

Forgive the blurry photos– my camera phone does NOT do well indoors. Yesterday, Mate took three out of four kids to Six Flags (and me of course) as sort of a last hurrah to summer. It was fun– we didn’t stay too long, mom rode the water ride, the weather was fanTASTic, and Zoomboy was… Read More

This Week Was…

on August 20, 2011

Busy enough to make me feel envy for Steve the Cat. (I don’t know why she stays in there–but she does. For HOURS. The kids put a blanket over the bucket, fill it with soft toys, and go, “Shhh… Steve is sleeping.” Seriously. I really fuckin’ wanna be the damned cat!) Too busy to let… Read More

Alien Moons

on August 16, 2011

My heart beats to tides pulled by alien moons, Sailing an acid yellow sea beaten by boiling martian winds. The vessel has patched sides, a thin hull, Threadbare sails made of time. Rips punch through, rending ragged fabric edges, with infinite space through the gap. For so long I clung to the mast, screaming until… Read More

Where to start, where to start where to start…

on August 15, 2011

Okay– Canada was one helluva week–and I’m sure I couldn’t even remember everything I wanted to tell you even if I tried. Seriously–between the time I got off the plane home and now we’ve had: A. Picking up the kids B. An emergency edit–I shit you not! C. A visit to Mate’s relatives and a… Read More


on August 13, 2011

Whew! I’m glad to be home, but I sort of stepped off the bus and into the grind. They’re trying to move up the release date for Clear Water, and Alpha is out which needs some promo and, well, I actually have a new release today! Tomorrow or Monday I’ll put together my vacation post… Read More

I’m not dead…

on August 11, 2011

I’m just in Canada. Actually, I love it here–but I’ve been having a helluva time coping with a limited internet connection, and walking EVERYWHERE. I’ve got pictures–no worries, they will come–and some stories–lotsa stories, trust me! But right now, I’m a little tired, and a lot grateful–Alpha came out, and so far, so decent. People… Read More

A Solid Core of Alpha

on August 5, 2011

Okay, so I’m going on vacation with Mate. We’re leaving tomorrow, and we’ll be back on Thursday, and I may manage a post or two between now and then, but in the meantime, I’ve got a little thing like a book opening going on without me. And it’s kind of an interesting sort of book…. Read More